Dynamo Software and Clarendon Partners have come together to provide an educational series around best practices and successful strategies to follow throughout your post implementation journey with FinTech.

Clarendon Partners is a boutique, woman-owned consultancy that helps you engineer your organization’s DNA to prepare for a more efficient, brighter, and agile future.

Your Implementation Journey | The Operating Model & New Tech Fit

Hear from 3 Industry FinTech Experts & Consultants

In this first segment, Rob Fox, Senior Manager at Clarendon Partners, shares how to best prepare your team for change. Rob is followed by Mike Parrinello, who serves as a Director at Clarendon. Mike provides a bit of a reality check regarding the new hybrid world experience when moving from old versus new. Finally, Michelle O’Connell, Dynamo’s Global Head of Implementations, provides guidance around how to best prepare for your new post-implementation environment.

Tortoise vs. the Hare | How to Ensure Success with Your Implementation Timeline

Building Steady Stability with Stakeholders, Employees, & Users of the New System

In the first segment, Rob Fox, Senior Manager at Clarendon Partners, shares key essentials for moving to a new system. Rob’s segment will be followed by a dual interview with Mike Parrinello, who serves as a Director also at Clarendon, and Michelle O’Connell, Dynamo’s Global head of implementation. Both Mike and Michelle discuss the pitfalls firms should avoid, and how to best unlock the keys to a successful implementation.

The Final Countdown | Ready, Set, Launch….But, Wait!

Ensure Success Now and Into the Future

In the first segment, Michelle O’Connell, Dynamo’s Global head of implementation will present tips around NOT underestimating your project team’s needs, including how to prepare to have the right employees and subject matter experts involved. She will also discuss recommendations for smaller sized firms versus larger organizations.

In the second, and final segment of this three-part series, Rob Fox, Senior Manager at Clarendon Partners, will discuss how to best get ready for what’s new – a review of your post-implementation checklist. Rob will share how to prepare operations and accounting teams for what’s next.

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