The Dynamo Gmail Gadget

How to Install

Please note that the Dynamo Gmail Gadget  is a contextual gadget. In order to install the Dynamo Gmail Gadget, you will need to be a Google Apps Domain Administrator with super administrator’s privileges.

Install the gadget

  1. Find Dynamo Gmail Gadget in the Google Apps Marketplace and select INSTALL APP.
  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  3. You will see a pop-up confirmation “Dynamo Gmail Gadget has been installed!” Select the “Launch app” button.
  4. The Dynamo Gmail Gadget will appear at the bottom of every email message in your Gmail mailbox.
  5. In any email message, scroll down to the Dynamo Gmail Gadget and select the Login button.
  6. Fill in the set of credentials necessary to link your gadget to the Dynamo tenant used by your organization:
    • Gmail account
    • Dynamo login email
    • Dynamo password.

    Select the “Login to Dynamo” button at the bottom.

  7. You will see a confirmation that you are now logged in tenant ABC as Dynamo user XYZ.
  8. You can now start work with the gadget – import any Gmail message to the Dynamo tenant, set resulting activity categories, and create relations to Dynamo items.
Video instructions
Provide access
  1. Go to and login with your administrator’s account.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click Advanced settings, and then click Manage API client access.
  4. Fill in the Client Name field and One or More API field as follows:
  5. Click Authorize.
  6. Login in Gmail and test the Dynamo gadget.

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