Dynamo™ Venture Capital Edition is a venture capital-specific software platform that optimizes the productivity of fundraising, deal management, accounting, and investor relations teams. Dynamo’s™ configurable venture capital software empowers your venture capital firm to identify ideal investors, hit your fundraising goals on time, invest in the best deals, manage your portfolio, and keep your investors happy.

Typically deployed as a Cloud-based platform (although other hosting options are available), Dynamo™ is designed to be implemented easily across any office environment. The software’s direct integration with the Microsoft Office® suite and leading back-office software provides your firm with a consolidated, end-to-end operational software solution. Dynamo™ clients work closely with a dedicated project manager to ensure that the functionality and presentation of the venture capital software aligns with your operational structure and each team’s unique priorities, and also incorporates the terminology of your firm.



Stay on Top of Compliance Requirements

Populate fields based on contact types for completion of compliance preparation.

Instantly Identify All Compliance Gaps

Run included reports to determine contacts and records that are missing crucial data points.

Ensure Critical Tasks are Completed

Assign and track task completion for gathering compliance-mandated information.

Be Your Firm's Compliance Leader

Include anticipated compliance-specific fields for completion by your IR team.

Dynamo™ is an ideal tool for maintaining compliance best practices for all current and upcoming compliance regulations. The Cloud platform’s configurability, complex relationship tracking, and regular updates provide the most current management best practices for FATCA, KYC, and Form PF.

Data Integration and Analysis

Automate Data Collection

Access both subscription-based and public data feeds in Dynamo™.

Translate Currency

Calculate currency exchange rates for international investments.

Import Instantly

Map and Upload Excel® data sheets through Dynamo™.

Understand Performance

Compare your performance vs. industry standards in a single dashboard.

Firms utilizing Dynamo™ Venture Capital Edition benefit from a software platform that supports fluid compatibility with external systems and data providers. Dynamo™ consolidates all qualitative and quantitative data in a unified repository that enables you to architect and deliver fundraising campaigns, identify investment opportunities, track portfolio financials, and roll up portfolio data to investor reporting. Dynamo™ accepts data from general ledger software such as Quickbooks™, streamlining the data needed to complete your fund accounting. Formal data integration partnerships with Pitchbook and Preqin, among others, enable you to sync your subscribed data feeds in Dynamo™.

Deal Management

the Best Deals

Grow valuable external deal referrals with configurable broker relations tools.

Expand Your Context for Key Deals

Easily import EBITDA and other due diligence records.

Create Insightful Reports on Demand

Schedule with one click and automate your reporting processes.

Your Task Pipeline

Use flags and follow-up reminders to manage internal tasks and responsibilities.

Dynamo™ Venture Capital Edition’s robust relationship tracking features, supported by intuitive integration with Outlook® and the Microsoft Office® suite, optimize deal pipeline management and facilitates comprehensive due diligence by automatically placing imported data into relevant profiles. Visibility across your deal team is ensured by the ability to create notifications and reminders for specific users during important stages of deal processes. Your venture capital firm benefits from Dynamo’s™ comprehensive pipeline reporting that provides your entire firm with a complete picture of ongoing deals.

Fundraising and Marketing

Refine Your Fundraising Priorities

Target prospects based on their investment preferences, history, and correspondence.

Create Persuasive Content Instantly

Update investors on your firm’s performance with regular collateral and emails.

Build Your Reach in the Marketplace

Integrate Dynamo™ with leading data sources to improve marketing, and expand your target audience.

Monitor Your Fundraising Process

Find new strategic insights by evaluating fundraising successes and weaknesses.

Dynamo™ Venture Capital Edition is an adaptable software platform for maximizing the value of your marketing and fundraising team’s strategic initiatives. The qualitative characteristics of prospective investors are tracked within the Dynamo™ CRM to and deliver targeted fundraising campaigns through the Mail Merge wizard or integration with Mailchimp®. The Dynamo™ Fundraising Portal also allows your firm to deliver PPMs, pitch books, performance data, and other marketing collateral within a branded digital hub. Your venture capital group can also leverage the Portal to monitor unique user interaction with the posted materials, facilitating opportunistic reach out that can convert passively interested investors into active opportunities.

Investor Relations

Easy Data Import through Excel®

Import account balances, and consolidate accounting and reporting data in a single system.

Plan Dynamic Investment Events

Organize your event’s attendance and specific requirements in the Dynamo™ platform.

Optimize Your Reporting to Clients

Quickly generate comprehensive mailings, including quarterly reports and K-1s.

Consolidate Crucial Investor Data

Understand your investors, their investment history, and current performance.

Dynamo’s™ investor relations features have been tirelessly improved as a result of close collaboration with venture capital clients since 1998. The venture capital CRM’s powerful Microsoft Office® add-ins and intuitive reporting creation enable users to easily create key repeatable investor documents. VC firms can further centralize and improve their investor relationship management with the Dynamo™ Investor Portal’s that can be configured to a firm’s branding and investor-facing priorities.



Ensure continuous access to your business-critical data.


Receive alerts and notes uploaded by peers immediately.

Get the
Latest Updates

Maintain access to live reporting through your mobile device.

Adjust to Sudden Schedule Changes

GPS integration enables you to change priorities as quickly as your schedule shifts.

Dynamo Software provides a full suite of mobile apps across all popular devices to address the unique reporting and management needs of venture capital funds.. The DynaMobile™ app provides access to all of your critical contact, fundraising, account, and deal information in addition to reports saved within Dynamo™. Location data integration also enables Dynamo™ users to react to scheduling changes to capitalize on all time spent outside the office.

Partnership Accounting

Assess Balances and Transactions

Determine capital calls, run distributions, and assign variable-dependent expenses.

Ensure Fast and Accurate Distributions

Allocate distributions via waterfall calculations according to investor preferences.

Provide Security and Transparency

Create and deliver distribution letters and capital calls automatically, or upload them to the Investor Portal.

Use Add-Ins to Deliver Key Data

Quickly and easily export financial data to Excel or external systems.

Dynamo’s™ calculation engine addresses critical accounting processes associated with venture capital firms’ partnership accounting. The software can generate calculations and allocations for capital calls, income items, distribution realized and unrealized gains, and expenses in the same centralized platform as your qualitative relationship data. Dynamo™ Venture Capital Edition’s partnership accounting features generate and distribute capital account statements and balances, as well as export your partnership accounting data to Excel.

Portfolio Management

Gain Insight on Your Investments

View a single dashboard that summarizes all of your company portfolio holdings.

Automate Your Reporting Processes

Build portfolio reports, and automate generation and distribution to investors.

Centralize Your Important Records

Consolidate board packages and meeting notes, critical correspondence, and third party security, index, and exchange systems.

Easily Comply with Fair Value Standards

Utilize portfolio data to align with FAS 157, and compare realized and unrealized gains.

Dynamo™ provides robust portfolio management features specific to venture capital investing. Managers can monitor portfolio transactions, prepare valuations, optimize reporting processes, and centralize all relevant data within a single platform. Dynamo’s™ task management capabilities also help fund managers track important dates such as warrant expirations.

Dynamo recently added significant depth to its middle and back office capabilities with the acquisition of Q-Biz Solutions, LLC, developers of PEView. Read more about how PEView can help you here.

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