Dynamo™ Private Equity Edition has been the premier private equity-specific fund management software since 1998. Supported by dedicated and industry-experienced client service, Dynamo’s™ configurable, industry-specific software solutions for fundraising, deal management, accounting, and investor relations enable your firm to achieve your fundraising goals on time, invest in the best deals, and keep investors happy.

Delivered via SaaS, Dynamo™ is deployed quickly and maintained easily across any office environment. The private equity software platform seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Office®, third party accounting software solutions, and third party data aggregators to centralize your private equity operations in a single software solution. Dynamo Software clients work with an implementation specialist to personalize the data fields and configure dashboards for the platform, ensuring an intuitive user experience across all teams and their priorities.


Instill Compliance in Communications

Watermark or password-protect sensitive documentation, and generate PPMs automatically.

Facilitate Your Future Compliance

Integrate compliance-based fields into investor profiles for easy reference.

Identify All of Your Compliance Gaps

Review bundled reports to identify missing documents for compliance fulfillment.

Confirm Your Tasks are Completed

Add task categories and ensure their completion by the assigned person.

In an industry under increasing scrutiny, anticipating and meeting evolving compliance mandates is requiring valuable time. Dynamo™ offers specific functionality to address gaps in your workflow to ingrain compliance best practices in fundraising and investor relations, and help you ensure compliance.

Data Integration and Analysis

Integrate All Data Feeds

Access all your data feeds in Dynamo™, including both public and subscription-based services.

Incorporate Exchange Rates

Use ContentDynamo™ to update currency exchange rates, and utilize them in international investments.

Benchmark Your Performance

Compare your performance with that of the industry to clarify your position.

Upload Data Instantly & Easily

Excel® data sheets can be easily mapped and uploaded through our Import Wizard.

Dynamo™ Private Equity Edition supports native integrations with external systems and data providers that enables private equity funds to normalize and consolidate their quantitative and qualitative data in a single solution for easier data retrieval and analysis. Dynamo™ accepts files from general ledger software such as Quickbooks, simplifying the software stack associated with your fund accounting. Fluid integrations with third party data providers such as Preqin and PitchBook enable you to populate targeted fundraising lists, source the best opportunities, and generate investor reporting.

Deal Management

Expand Your Deal Marketplace

Cultivate external deal referrals with tools to manage broker relations.

Maximize Context for All Deals

Import due diligence records and EBITDA with minimal effort.

Expedite Reporting Processes

Automate internal reporting by scheduling reports with one click.

Control Task Management

Stay on top of projects and hard-to-reach contacts with flags and follow-up reminders.

Dynamo™ Private Equity Edition provides powerful deal management capabilities for private equity firms. The platform’s deep relationship tracking features, native integration with Outlook® and the Microsoft Office® suite, and workflow engines expedite due diligence by automatically placing imported data into relevant profiles. Internal accountability on deal progress is ensured by the ability to create flags, tasks, and reminder notices for specific users as deal stages are reached during the acquisition process. Dynamo™ can deliver comprehensive pipeline reporting on an ad hoc basis or through scheduled distributions to ensure that your entire firm has optimal knowledge of ongoing deals.

Fundraising and Marketing

Optimize Fundraising Initiatives

Identify the best fundraising prospects based on their investment preferences, history, and interactions.

Deliver Compelling Marketing Content

Keep investors updated on your firm’s performance with recurring direct mailings and emails.

Significantly Expand Your Investor Universe

Integrate Dynamo™ with leading data sources to improve marketing targeting and reach.

Track Your Fundraising Pipeline

Gain insight on fundraising successes and weaknesses.

Dynamo™ Private Equity Edition is a versatile tool for improving efficiency in both marketing and fundraising. Investment preferences and allocation histories of prospective investors can be tracked within the Dynamo™ CRM, and can be leveraged to deliver targeted and compelling messaging through the platform’s Mail Merge feature or through integrations with third party email providers such as Mailchimp™. The Dynamo™ Fundraising Portal enables your firm to instantly post PPMs, pitch books, performance data and other marketing collateral within a branded digital space, and track engagement by your prospective investors with your firm’s fundraising activities and content, providing you with actionable feedback on marketing campaign success, and converting passive interest to active engagement.

Investor Relations

Fluid Integration with MS Office® Programs

Import account balances to avoid sifting through spreadsheets or accounting systems.

Orchestrate Insightful Investor Events

Centralize and track your event’s attendance and specific requirements within Dynamo™.

Streamline Recurring Client Reporting

Efficiently generate quarterly reports, K-1s, and other mailings.

Centralize Important Investor Data

Know your investors, funds they are invested in, and how their investments are performing.

Dynamo™ Private Equity Edition’s investor relations features have been continuously added to and enhanced based on private equity client feedback since 1998. The platform’s prominent Excel® add-ins and simple reporting automation enable users to easily create key investor documents, and a centralized dashboard places all records at your fingertips. Managers also have the option of utilizing the Dynamo™ Investor Portal, a highly configurable access point for investors that can be customized to a firm’s branding and client priorities.


Business Trips

Create an efficient travel plan with GPS mapping functionality.

the Boardroom

Access critical data from your mobile device, on demand.

Deliver Detailed Notifications Instantly

Share notes and info, and reach out to contacts through Dynamo™.

Dynamic Reports

Run your Dynamo™ custom reports through DynaMobile™

DynaMobile™ is a versatile application that provides a seamless user experience for private equity managers traveling outside the office. Available on Android®, Apple® and Blackberry® platforms, DynaMobile™ enables private equity teams to respond quickly to ad hoc challenges by providing instant access to investor documentation, performance reports, and new communications. GPS mapping functionality also empowers users to maximize their ability to plan travel routes and build strong client relationships during business trips.

Partnership Accounting

Determine Transactions and Balances

Calculate capital calls, run distributions, and allocate variable-dependent expenses.

Complete Your Distributions Quickly

Apportion distribution through waterfall calculations and per investor preferences.

Provide Transparency and Security to Investors

Generate distribution letters and capital calls to send via email or post to a secure investor web portal.

Pass Along Key Data with Convenient Add-Ins

Easily export financial data to Excel® or third-party systems.

Dynamo’s™ calculation engine is designed to produce critical figures associated with private equity firms’ partnership accounting operations. The accounting features of the software platform determine calculations and allocations for capital calls, distributions, realized and unrealized gains, income items, and expenses in the same system as your qualitative data. Dynamo™ can also be leveraged to generate and distribute capital account balances and statements, as well as directly export partnership accounting data into Excel®.

Portfolio Management

Maintain Actionable Portfolio Insights

Access dashboard views to summarize current holdings across multiple securities.

Automate Mission-Critical Reporting

Create portfolio reports and automate generation and distribution.

Consolidate All Important Records

Capture board packages and meeting notes, correspondence, and third party security, index, and exchange systems.

Ensure Compliance with Fair Value Standards

Leverage portfolio data to compare realized and unrealized gains in accordance with FAS 157.

Dynamo™ Private Equity Edition offers rich portfolio management features tailored to the private equity investment vertical. Users have the ability to track portfolio transactions, streamline reporting processes, prepare valuations, and capture all relevant data in a centralized system. Dynamo’s™ task management capabilities also help fund managers track important dates such as warrant expirations.

Dynamo recently added significant depth to its middle and back office capabilities with the acquisition of Q-Biz Solutions, LLC, developers of PEView. Read more about how PEView can help you here.

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