Dynamo™ is a Cloud-based CRM platform with an out-of-the-box configuration for prime brokerage operations and their capital introduction process. Created for the alternative assets industry, Dynamo™ can easily track investors, managers, and funds to enable your cap intro team to easily identify and establish meaningful relationships. Versatile reporting capabilities, unrivaled event management automation, and full integration with Outlook®, Excel® and the other Microsoft Office® tools provide instant transparency into team activities, relationship trends, and success metrics.


Client Relations Management

Simplify Relationship Management

Categorize all activities and correspondence to ensure presence in all relevant records.

Reduce Complex Data Import

Upload all relevant records to fund profiles using Microsoft Office® add-in toolbars.

Streamline Your Reporting Process

Centralize and track introductions, investor meetings, and follow-ups through Outlook®.

Stay Connected Anywhere at Any Time

DynaMobile™ provides a comprehensive management experience through all touchscreen devices.

Dynamo™ improves the effectiveness of capital introductions by providing tools to grow your professional networks, and generate leveraged communication campaigns through intelligent marketing automation. Fluid integration with Outlook® the Microsoft Office® suite empowers users to create visually dynamic communications for prospective investors, and provide metric-based insight on the success of your efforts.

Compliance-Based Tracking

Track Compliance Characteristics

Characterize fund profile details to simplify the search for the best matched general partner introductions.

Assist with Client Compliance

Identify gaps in compliance-based requirements to improve their marketability.

Generate Influential Shortlists

Search through funds by compliance-based traits for a quick and easy shortlist of ideal introductions.

Provide a Premium Service to Clients

Differentiate yourself by presenting ideal introductions of pre-vetted fund managers.

Dynamo’s™ configurability and industry-specific compliance features make the Cloud platform ideal for maintaining compliance best practices for pre-screening and qualifying fund managers. Prime brokerage firms can use Dynamo™ to pre-screen fund managers or track certain identity characteristics, to easily provide the most qualified prospective investment funds to your investor clients.

Event Management

Perform Comprehensive Investor Searches

Quickly determine the most relevant investors in your professional circle.

Accelerate Your Event Planning

Create dynamic personalized invitations that can be automatically distributed and tracked.

Optimize Event Planning and Analysis

Built-in RSVP tracking can be reviewed through customized embedded reports and contact menus.

Quantify Your Event Success

Measure and report on event outcomes to management and clients.

Dynamo™ can automate your entire organizational requirements for successfully marketing, tracking, and coordinating your capital introduction events. The Dynamo™ reporting engine aggregates all of the data points collected, allowing you to understand the effectiveness of your communications and evaluate your event’s success. The platform’s event management features enable you to simplify your cap intro event management including the creation of invite lists, and the subsequent distribution and tracking of RSVPs, including attendee event requests preferences such as dietary or time restrictions.

Manager Tracking

Intelligently Track Investors

Centralize all investor data, including investment minimums, preferences, and relationships.

Generate Instant Investor Profiles

Create automated detailed profile reports with one click.

Create Your Own User Experience

The Dynamo™ client services team configures the platform to your existing workflow and terminology.

Update Managers Hands-Free

Update and upload records your fund profile through the Dynamo™ Fund Manager Portal.

Dynamo™ allows you to efficiently expand and manage your complete manager list and their underlying funds, improving your ability to match funds with investor opportunities and make the best possible introductions. The Cloud platform’s highly configurable CRM dashboards intuitively display critical investor characteristics and key data to help you instantly identify strong capital introduction opportunities. The Dynamo™ Fund Manager Portal also provides an automated method of collecting your tracked managers’ key data points so you can focus on creating the right introductions.


Critical Context

All relevant investor history and preferences can be quickly located in DynaMobile™.

Identify New Opportunities

View all nearby entities while traveling, or create a tear sheet report.

Real-Time Updates

All changes made in DynaMobile™ are instantly visible to all other Dynamo™ users.

Command Communication

Relevant email attachments can be opened and read through DynaMobile™.

DynaMobile™ delivers a mobile experience that enhances your capital introduction capabilities while on the road. Offering a rich Dynamo™ experience on smartphones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices, the app provides invaluable tools for active capital introduction projects and investor research from any location. Google Maps® integration enables you to identify nearby lucrative prospects, as well as easily plot directions to multiple on-site meetings.

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