Dynamo™ Fund of Funds Edition is the leading CRM software for funds of funds, including hedge funds, private equity, and real estate investments. Dynamo™ offers industry-specific competitive advantages for successful marketing and fundraising, tracking fund manager due diligence, portfolio management, investor relations and fund reporting. Seamless integration with Outlook® and the Microsoft Office® suite, users benefit from an intuitive experience for quick integration into centralizing and enhancing your operations.



Track Task Completion

Assign compliance tasks to specific users in Dynamo™ and monitor their status.

Provide Robust Security

Sensitive documentation can be watermarked and password-protected in Dynamo™.

Ensure Future Compliance

Compliance-based fields can be integrated into existing investor profiles for easy tracking.

Monitor Compliance Gaps

Generate reports that indicate the contacts and records missing critical compliance data.

Dynamo™ provides powerful organizational and communications capabilities for fund of funds managers needing to align their compliance processes with evolving regulatory policies. Dedicated features for FATCA, KYC and Form PF are further supplemented by tight Microsoft Office® integration, enabling users to tag and track compliance documents in a centralized platform. Dynamo’s™ configurable reporting templates provide firms with an easily accessible window into their compliance status across the entire investor base.

Data Integration and Analysis

Insight Faster

Benchmark your performance against leading indices in Dynamo™.

Data Instantly

Map all data from Excel® for import into Dynamo™.

Third Party Data

Consolidate all public and subscription-based data in a single system.

Expedite Currency Conversions

Calculate foreign currency exchanges.

Dynamo’s™ data integration and data exploration features provide the optimal experience for in-depth performance analysis. The ContentDynamo™ subscription service enables users to seamlessly import data from renowned industry data providers for robust online analytical processing. Tight integration with Microsoft Excel® and insightful ad hoc reporting further optimize your data gathering and exploration processes.

Due Diligence

Expand Your Due Diligence Context

Profile fund managers, their investment strategies, and their underlying funds by customized criteria.

Track Due Diligence Completion

Capitalize on automated Dynamo™ features to standardize due diligence and assign tasks.

Access Reports On Demand

Run critical reports instantly, or scheduled them for automated email delivery.

Establish Best Practices for Data Management

Organize qualitative due diligence, including documents, notes, and correspondence.

Dynamo’s™ Microsoft Office® integration allows you to optimize operational efficiency through established best practices for due diligence. Advanced integrated Outlook® add-ins provide the ability to immediately capture relevant correspondence and documentation, consolidating all relevant due diligence information within a single screen.

Fund Management

Optimize Daily Workflow

Work within familiar tools, while ensuring tasks are executed on time.

Consolidate Fund Profiles

Organize all fund documents within a single screen for an all-encompassing overview.

Tight Excel® Integration

Export any dataset to Excel® with one click for additional in-depth analysis.

On-Demand Access

Stay connected with DynaMobile™, which is available on all smartphones and tablets.

Dynamo™ delivers an intuitive user experience that uniquely combines the exceptional usability features of Web and desktop applications. Fund managers are able to save targeted searches, painlessly import and export data via Dynamo’s™ Microsoft Office integration®, and centralize key data on a single screen.

Fundraising and Marketing

Cultivate Your Investor Outreach

Import external contacts easily and build existing contacts directly through Outlook®

Instantly Identify Top Prospects

Track investor preferences for easy inclusion in targeted marketing campaigns.

Organize Your Deal Pipeline

Understand your fundraising pipeline and next steps for priority opportunities by tracking set tasks.

Develop Compelling Client Communications

Personalize and brand your communications through a powerful mail engine or Investor Marketing Portal.

Dynamo™ Fund of Funds Edition contains rich capabilities for refining marketing programs and automating fundraising processes. The intuitive Dynamo™ user interface ensures comprehensive tracking across all communications, automatic identification of top prospects, and immediate access to all the tools needed to produce insightful marketing communications and meaningful interactions.

Investor Relations

Quickly Generate and Distribute Reporting

Automate report creation and distribution ascribing to investor preferences, saving you time and postage.

Track Investor Transactions

Confirm accurate account balances in Dynamo™ by calculating and tracking subscriptions, redemptions,and transfers.

Minimize Investor Requirements

Provide all live account information stored within Dynamo™ to investors through the Investor Portal for easier access to reporting, and even allow investors to upload timely records such as tax documents.

Promote Your Firm's Brand

Use the Investor Portal as an extension of your website. Embed the content, design the appearance, and even include multimedia content that can be accessed through any computer or mobile device.

Dynamo™ enables fund of funds managers to meet the increasing transparency demands from clients with a CRM solution that centralizes all relevant investor data and streamlines fund performance reporting with an integrated Investor Reporting Portal. The platform’s Outlook® integration, Mail Merge Wizard, event management capabilities, and Investor Portal streamline communication and provide strong insight into investor interaction while reducing your time spent in managing relationships and providing and distributing customized reporting.


Maximize Business Travel

Run proximity reports to capitalize on free time with nearby meeting opportunities.

Get Total Connectivity

Add notes quickly and easily, and automatically notify your team of new developments.lp

Maintain Access to Reports

Access Dynamo™-generated reports on your phone to stay appraised of changed within the office.

Optimize Your Schedule

View your saved travel itinerary and directions within Dynamo™ travel reports.

Your Dynamo™ data is accessible through the DynaMobile™ mobile app, available through all touch screen-enabled smartphones and tablets. Developed for professionals working for fund of funds, the DynaMobile™ application provides continuous access to your Dynamo™ saved views and entire contact database while providing the ability to update information on the go.

Performance Tracking

Powerful Reporting Functionality

Provide personalized dashboards according to users’ responsibilities and priorities.

Monitor Fund Performance

Track expected inflows and outflows, as well as ERISA thresholds and other key metrics.

Accurately Determine Calculations

Enable fund managers to view calculated account balances, calculate IRRs, and benchmark performance.

Facilitate Informed Recommendations

Analyze Historical Data for exposure and performance across multiple defined criteria.

Dynamo’s™ design reflects over fifteen years of experience within the alternative assets industry. Information can easily be imported through the Outlook® plug-in, or you can import your data through any number of import wizards to ensure your portfolio data is accurate, accessible, and ready for analysis.

Research Management

Intelligently Organize Research

Categorize and store your qualitative and quantitative research automatically without leaving Outlook®.

Stay Connected from Anywhere

Access documents and report stored outside of Dynamo™, and work offline when without access.

Create a Full Research Experience

Integrate external websites through Dynamo™, or sync third party websites through ContentDynamo™.

Expedite the Research Process

Search research “in text” and by flexible criteria to quickly locate relevant research and reports.

Dynamo™ provides funds of funds managers with intelligent research management capabilities and automation. Fluid integration with Outlook® and Microsoft Office® enables users to quickly capture incoming research and reports, and quickly and accurately store research content for actionable investment strategy evaluations.

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