Dynamo™ Family Office Edition is a feature-rich, industry-specific Cloud software platform built to optimize how both single and multifamily offices build their client relations, track investment research, conduct due diligence, manage their portfolio across all asset classes, analyze investment performance, and generate reporting.

Dynamo™ is highly configurable to your firm’s specific terminology and workflow, and seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Office® product suite for an uninterrupted user experience. Developed and regularly enhanced since 1998, Dynamo’s™ asset management functionality is backed by a full-time dedicated support team to ensure that the software matches your investment organization and performance tracking needs.


Client Relationship Management

Consolidate All Investor Data

Review key contacts and reports in a single dashboard and monitor needs and activities.

Create & Distribute Timely Reporting

Distribute capital calls, quarterly reports and other investor documents instantly and accurately.

Ensure Prompt Communications

Prevent critical activities from being missed with follow-up reminders and flags.

Provide Immediate Access to Account Data

Leverage the Client Reporting Portal to enable easy secure access to reports and financial data.

Dynamo™ Family Office Edition is an industry-specific CRM solution with comprehensive investor relations management capabilities for multifamily offices. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Office® documents, Dynamo™ enables you to quickly capture contacts, correspondence, and documents. Seamless integration with the Dynamo™ Client Reporting Portal also offers easy ways to provide your clients with reports and access to financial performance and documents.

Data Integration and Analysis

Optimize Performance Analysis

Consolidate all data-feeds, both public, and subscription-based, into Dynamo™.

Automate Currency Conversion

Calculate foreign exchange rates into the preferred currency automatically.

Simplify Your Data Uploads

Imported mapped Excel® data into the Dynamo™ platform.

Produce Compelling Insight

Compare your investment performance against leading indices within Dynamo™.

Dynamo™ provides single and multi-family offices with powerful data gathering and data exploration capabilities. The ContentDynamo™ subscription service empowers firms to evaluate their performance on a single screen, by importing data from industry-leading third party providers directly into the platform. Dynamo™ users also benefit from direct Microsoft Excel® integration and the DynamoAnalytics™ module, which precisely formats data sets for comprehensive analysis.

Due Diligence

Track Manager Communications

Log emails and attachments through Outlook®, or have Dynamo™ auto sync them for you.

Develop a Formal Due Diligence Process

Create pooled approval systems for fund managers and direct investments.

Streamline Your Due Diligence

Configure Dynamo™ to adopt your due diligence process, and automate with workflows.

Maintain Clarity on Next Steps

Use Dynamo™ to schedule tasks and assign responsibilities.

Family offices can improve their investment decisions through configurable workflows that organize and streamline the due diligence process within Dynamo™. The Cloud platform serves as a mass aggregator of key information points required to thoroughly screen potential investments, intelligently track multimanager portfolios, and provide structure for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of fund managers.

Fundraising and Marketing

Expand Your Contacts and Influence

Build your universe of potential clients by importing contacts from multiple sources.

Develop Targeted Marketing

Identify the best potential clients, and target them in your campaigns.

Stay Connected Outside the Office

Track all of your communication efforts, from within the office or while on the road through mobile apps.

Provide Clarity on Performance

Generate reporting or create scheduled distributions of reporting so everyone stays informed.

Dynamo™ offers integrated marketing features for multifamily offices that ensure your efforts to build your client base are optimized for success. Embedded toolkits in Microsoft Outlook® and the Microsoft Office® suite allow you to use your familiar tools while tracking your accomplishments.


Maintain Access

Whether through a smartphone or tablet, access your notes whenever you need them.

Notify Others of Events

Quickly send out a memo to your team in a single click to notify them of a new item.

Maximize Travel Value

Run location based reports capitalize on proximity-friendly meetings.

Run Reports

Access saved Views and Reports from your phone.

The DynaMobile™ application, compatible with all Apple®, Android® and Blackberry® smartphones and tablets, ensures a consistent experience with Dynamo™. DynaMobile™ users are able to update their contacts, manager profiles and fund information, review and add activities, log communications and notes, and access Dynamo™ reports. GPS locating capabilities even allows you to run proximity-based reports so that every trip can be maximized for efficiency. New or updated information created in DynaMobile™ is made available to other users in real time, just as it is with Dynamo™ to DynaMobile™, to ensure you and your colleagues are on the same page every day, every time.

Performance Tracking

Utilize Searches for Precise Reporting

Search through Dynamo™ by your parameters, and save those parameters for consistency.

Leverage Bundled Reporting

Dynamo’s™ robust report bundle includes portfolio summaries, J-Curve, and value of fund investments.

Take Charge of Your Investments

Monitor commitments, ownership, cash flows, and balances.

Build Intuitive Performance Snapshots

Obtain a comprehensive perspective with intelligent data storage and display.

Dynamo™ simplifies the complex task of tracking performance data across multiple asset classes and translating your data into meaningful analysis. An industry-specific solution with rich capabilities for direct investment tracking, Dynamo™ centralizes all of your deal knowledge, including industry updates, pipeline ranking, financials and valuations and offers several methods for preparing your data for analysis.

Portfolio Analysis & Reporting

Intuitively Organize Your Data

Track capital calls, distributions, subscriptions and other investment data in structured formats.

Leverage Robust Reporting Features

Utilize the power of DynamoAnalytics™ OLAP reporting, or interact with dynamic reports.

Translate International Performance

Rely on ContentDynamo’s™ exchange rate conversion process to eliminate disparity.

Deliver Compelling Analysis

Generate reports in a single click, or have us help you build your own.

Dynamo’s™ versatile reporting capabilities enable you to automate data collection from industry-specific sources through Dynamo™ and efficiently track your relevant qualitative and quantitative data points. The platform’s painless data integration process allows simple import and export of data from Microsoft Excel®, as well access to benchmarks from major industry indices through Dynamo Software’s Partnership Program. Dynamo™ maintains your data in a structure for easy analysis through DynamoAnalytics™, dynamic interactive reporting with Tableau®, or more manual granular analysis with preformatted Excel® exports.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Data

Upload your portfolio data, or enlist us to do it for you.

Track All
Asset Classes

Maintain complex ownership structures with total accuracy.

Generate Dynamic Reports

Access bundled reports, create ad hoc ones and save for repeatability, or configure complex reports with Dynamo Software.


Stay on top of portfolio risks through concern flags determined by workflows.

Dynamo™ is unparalleled in its ability to track detailed portfolio data across all asset classes, from top-level investing entities, such as accounts and pools, all the way to underlying assets like deals, real assets and securities. Developed with an open architecture, Dynamo’s™ portfolio management capabilities instill confidence in effectively managing your investments.

Research Management

Research Data

Automatically link any file type or activity note to relevant ideas or categories.


Go hands free while staying organized through automatic uploading and tagging.


Maintain productivity even without internet access for future automatic tagging and storage.

Integrate Third Party Data

Sync third party data through ContentDynamo™ or access external websites through Dynamo™.

Dynamo™ provides family offices with intelligent research management capabilities. Built-in communications storage, integrated data collection from internal and external sources, and highly configurable categorization settings ensure your evaluation of an investment’s performance is from an enlightened perspective.

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