As 2017 wraps up, Private Equity International publishes its 2018 Perspectives Report, which reveals what limited partnerships are feeling heading into the New Year.

The poll results look promising for private equity fund managers, with 88% of LPs surveyed planning to maintain or increase allocation in private equity in 2018. 46% of LPs plan to recommit to existing managers and 36% look forward to partnering with new managers in 2018 (pg. 4). A majority of LPs indicated that their primary source of fund opportunities is direct fund manager interaction or existing relationships with GPs. Placement agencies, third-party fund databases, conferences and events, and investment consultants were relied on significantly less for fund opportunities (pg.6).

With this in mind, nurturing relationships with existing investors while establishing meaningful connections with new prospective investors is a must for fund managers as LPs make allocation decisions for 2018. Having supported hundreds of private equity firms in keeping investors happy and closing new deals, Dynamo Software has two simple suggestions for fund managers ready to dominate 2018:

Empower Your Investor Relations Team to Exceed Expectations

LPs value transparency and a constant flow of information from your team. They want performance data delivered in a timely manner and consumable format.

Dynamo Software enables your team to automate the delivery of critical investment information through the DynamoTM Investor Portal. Simply generate performance reporting in the DynamoTM platform and post directly to the Portal. Your investors login at their convenience and instantly access the posted reports. The Investor Portal is fully branded to match your firm’s website, ensuring a seamless user experience, and supported by industry-leading data security.

Keep investors happy by eliminating the need to email back and forth regarding reporting requests, saving time on both ends.

Establish a Brand LPs Want to Partner With

Win commitments from new investors in times of increased competition by leveraging technology to run a data driven marketing program.

Your marketing team communicates with many prospective investors and learns a lot about them in the process. Dynamo consolidates all of these emails and call notes in one centralized investor database, enabling your team to track investor preferences and their level of interest in your fund. When it is time to email prospects, your team is able to target investors based on their preferences and deliver a personalized message.

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