Our product innovation teams have been digging deeper into methods for ensuring clients are able to obtain ultimate value of Dynamo’s end-to-end alternative investments platform. Read more on how General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs) can benefit from understanding more of what Dynamo offers and how we can further help to unleash critical investment insights.

For General Partners (GPs)

On the heels of Dynamo Accounting being recognized with the “Best Client Accounting (US)” award at The Second Annual WealthBriefing WealthTech Americas Awards 2023, our product innovation teams remain heads down on delivering excellence across all components.

To help ensure our GP clients are leveraging every aspect of Dynamo’s capabilities around reporting and analytics, the team has released a special Dashboard Library. Throughout this robust library, clients can view examples in the Hedge Fund, Private Equity (PE) / Venture Capital (VC), and Real Estate verticals of various reporting and drill-down options.

For clients, the complete GP library can be viewed / downloaded in the Dynamo Help Center.


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With 20+ years working alongside GPs and LPs in the alternative investments ecosystem, Dynamo powers the industry’s leading cloud-based GL platform. We’ve built award-winning fund accounting software that is flexible, dynamic, and accountant focused.

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NEW Dynamo Frontline Insight Report

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Surveying more than 100 GPs, read these latest findings today in Dynamo’s Frontline Insight Report. Some key findings include:

  • Keep Investing, the Returns Will Follow I GPs are mindful and cautious of current market conditions, yet demonstrate confidence in their investment strategies. The majority of GPs surveyed (68%) will not further diversify their portfolios in 2023. Rather, they will remain focused on their single, highest-performing asset class.
  • Cautious with Costs I The majority of GPs (88%) indicated they will not shift their firm’s management fee structure. The current economic conditions have influenced them to keep costs at bay for their LPs.
  • Tech Cuts ARE NOT on the Table I Even with market fragility in play, GP technology budgets are untouchable. Nearly half (49%) of GPs indicated that over the next 12 months, their tech budget will stay the same. Another 45% said they expect budgets to increase.

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For Limited Partners (LPs) & Asset Allocators

MSCI Benchmarks Redistribution Agreement

We’re excited to announce that Dynamo is continuing its focus to further extend its alternative investments platform and increase transparency across the entire investment workflow. Dynamo understands that LPs must be able to leverage critical decision support tools and services, all within unified, centralized FinTech. As a result, Dynamo has partnered with MSCI, a global provider of equity, fixed income, real estate indexes, multi-asset portfolio analysis tools, ESG and climate products. Through this partnership, LPs will be able to leverage MSCI to further understand and analyze key drivers of risk and return to enhance their confidence in building the most powerful portfolios.

Key Takeaways

  • Provides access to over 9,000 indices with historical data going back to 2002
  • Clients who sign up for MSCI benchmarks (Beta) will have the opportunity to automatically receive indices values on a scheduled basis, leveraging Dynamo’s integration capabilities

Use Cases

  • Indices values from MSCI can then be used across numerous Dynamo dashboards and analytics. For additional examples on how Dynamo clients can leverage benchmark data, please visit the LP Dashboard Library in our Help center. 

Ready to Learn More?

Attention Dynamo Clients! Please contact your Client Success Manager to enable automated delivery of MSCI index value redistribution into your Dynamo tenant.


Private Asset Analytics | EARLY Access Program

Dynamo is a one-stop platform for research management, portfolio management, and analytics. By partnering with Northfield, Dynamo extends its modeling and forecasting of cash flows and fair values. See why forecasting with Dynamo + Northfield is superior.

Read more about signing up for our early access program today. Additionally, For LPs and asset allocators interested in learning more about the Dynamo | Northfield beta and early access program, please contact DynamoNF@dynamosoftware.com.

Watch our 30-minute webinar with Northfield, available now on-demand.


Dynamo Frontline Insight Report

Don’t wait any longer to download your complimentary copy today.

Surveying more than 100 LPs and asset allocators, read these latest findings today in Dynamo’s Frontline Insight Report. Some key findings include:

  • Alternative Investments | Informed risks with the prospect of higher returns equates to 55% of respondents indicating they will increase their ALTS allocation in 2023.
  • FinTech Uplift | Tech budgets aren’t decreasing. In fact, 51% of LPs and asset allocators will increase their technology spend over the next 12 months.
  • Talent War | Labor shortages and recruiting top talent go hand-in-hand with enabling the business with the right technology. Teams need to be empowered through automation, which leads to productivity acceleration and right-time decision making.

Read the report now.


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Prioritizing & Setting Expectations Around Your Firm’s ESG Strategy

Join us for this 30-minute webinar on April 26th at 11 AM PT | 2 PM ET to gain a 360-degree real-world perspective on ESG strategies, frameworks, and KPIs. Learn how FinTech can be the business enabler providing full control and transparency for achieving these goals.

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