Dynamo’s June 2023 release is packed with exciting new capabilities that span across both our General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs) clients’ use cases. Our product teams have pulled together the major highlights below.

Additionally, there are a number of new client video stories from Dynamo University ’23 that further demonstrate the business value of our unified, cloud-based platform. In these interviews, you’ll hear directly from Boston University Investment Office, Penn Office of Investments, Lansing Group, and Barrier Crest, as they describe how Dynamo’s platform helps them power strong business outcomes.

Guided Search Equips Users with Faster Location of Key Data

Dynamo’s Guided Search functionality enables users to specify default columns to be included when searching for a list of records. For example, now when Dynamo users engage Guided Search to locate a list of documents, they can specify through the Administration console which columns to display, such as Effective Date and Document Category. Additionally, Dynamo users can opt to sort by one column, such as Effective Date.

Dynamo Mobile

Lookup visibility & Expanded Search Capabilities in iOS and Android apps

We’re excited to announce that Dynamo has now augmented its mobile app with lookup visibility to both the iOS and Android versions. This functionality replicates the Dynamo Web (or desktop) behavior. Additionally, for added flexibility and security, if there is pre-built configuration implemented for visibility within some values of a lookup field, this is automatically reflected in Dynamo Mobile.

As part of the Dynamo product update for June 2023, the same quick search functionality experience that is available on the web or desktop version is now also included in the mobile experience too.

Have You Seen the Dynamo Mobile Brochure?

Wrapped, secure, and ready for on-the-go investment management work. Untethered access includes the same permissions and security applied from Dynamo’s cloud-based desktop application, with an additional optional security layer using Microsoft’s mobile wrapper, Intune.

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4 New Capabilities within Dynamo Portfolio Monitoring & Valuation (PMV)

There are a number of new flexible reporting enhancements users can take advantage of when evaluating their portfolio companies with Dynamo:

  • Locking Down a PMV Console Report | Users have the ability to selectively restrict console reports data from editing based on various criteria such as user group, date of the data, and other.
  • PMV Upload Template Goes Beyond Entities | We’re excited to further expand the use of the PMV upload template process beyond monitoring of company financial statements. Now Dynamo clients can easily perform a direct upload of a company’s valuation modal during the valuations process.
  • Text Commentary & Metrics Go Together | Dynamo users can now upload text commentary associated with a metric via the upload template. Simply select “Add Notes” to append a notes row for a metric. Any text added will be uploaded alongside the value for the period and stored on the metric data value record under the “Notes” field.
  • Got 13 Reporting Periods? We Got You! | For Dynamo’s clients who have 13 reporting periods in a year, we are in initial beta with this new reporting functionality. Dynamo clients who want to learn more should engage their Client Success Manager.


Dynamo Client Video Testimonials

There are a number of new videos that have been released featuring Dynamo clients speaking candidly about their experience with Dynamo and the business case(s) for the platform. Take a look at what our clients, including Boston University Investment Office and Penn Office of Investments, have to say and what’s next for them as we continue this FinTech journey together.

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GP-Focused Dynamo Frontline Insight Report

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Surveying more than 100 GPs, read these latest findings today in Dynamo’s Frontline Insight Report. Some key findings include:

  • Keep Investing, the Returns Will Follow I GPs are mindful and cautious of current market conditions, yet demonstrate confidence in their investment strategies. The majority of GPs surveyed (68%) will not further diversify their portfolios in 2023. Rather, they will remain focused on their single, highest-performing asset class.
  • Cautious with Costs I The majority of GPs (88%) indicated they will not shift their firm’s management fee structure. The current economic conditions have influenced them to keep costs at bay for their LPs.
  • Tech Cuts ARE NOT on the Table I Even with market fragility in play, GP technology budgets are untouchable. Nearly half (49%) of GPs indicated that over the next 12 months, their tech budget will stay the same. Another 45% said they expect budgets to increase.

Read the report now.


NEW Emerging Manager Frontline Insight Report

Dynamo surveyed 100+ global Emerging Managers to gain an inside look at trends and perceptions within the ALTS industry. The results are now available and contextualized in this NEW primary research, highlighting sentiment around investment strategies, fundraising, FinTech budgets, ESG/DEI reporting & more! Download your copy of the Frontline Insight Report for Emerging Managers today.


Private Asset Analytics | EARLY Access Program

Dynamo is a one-stop platform for research management, portfolio management, and analytics. By partnering with Northfield, Dynamo extends its modeling and forecasting of cash flows and fair values. See why forecasting with Dynamo + Northfield is superior.

Read more about signing up for our early access program today. Additionally, for LPs and asset allocators interested in learning more about the Dynamo | Northfield beta and early access program, please contact DynamoNF@dynamosoftware.com.

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NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Maximizing Your FinTech Investment

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Watch this on-demand webinar and learn three core areas to address within your firm to get the most of your FinTech. You’ll hear how to build a FinTech stack for alternative investments on both the GP and LP side that scales for future growth and business objectives. Featuring a guest client speaker from Venterra Realty.

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Dynamo Clients Get Candid!

We have released four new client videos. Watch them today to see how they are using Dynamo every day to optimize their investment workflows and drive successful business outcomes.