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Did you get a chance to view the new client video stories from Dynamo University ’23? In these interviews, you’ll hear directly from Boston University Investment Office, Penn Office of Investments, Lansing Group, and Barrier Crest, as they describe how Dynamo’s platform helps them power strong business outcomes.

Attention General Partners (GPs) | Regional & European Standardized Reporting Options

Dynamo’s latest updates are focused on transformation in financial planning and analysis through standardized reporting. For example, Dynamo now includes European standards, called “Invest Europe” (formally known as ‘EVCA’ – Emerging Venture Capitalists Association). According to the Invest Europe Handbook of Professional Standards, “these Guidelines are principally designed for use by General Partners (“GPs”) reporting to their Limited Partners (“LPs”) on closed-ended funds investing using Private Capital alternative investment strategies.”

Ultimately, Dynamo users can now run these standardized reports, via SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) technology, which incorporate the key elements of best practice reporting to investors by private equity managers. Below are two examples; one of the cover for the Invest Europe sections, and the other is an example of the reporting output:


Coming Soon!

Dynamo already has ILPA standardized reporting, with a range of sample reports and working templates, to help LP’s closely monitor their portfolio and significantly reduce the need for ad hoc data requests. In the next Dynamo release later this year, the product team is rebuilding these reports to be in the same SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) format as the Invest Europe standardized reports.

Finally, Dynamo will release a “Quarterly Reporting Package” in late 2023, which is essentially a set of quantitative and financial data about the fund and its investments. Once again, this is a reporting package delivered via SSRS, and is intentionally built to be more “generic” versus standards-based.


DynamoAI | Auto-Summarization Beta Program 

As part of Dynamo’s continued and thoughtful approach to equipping our clients with impactful features and functionality that will accelerate business performance, clients can now gain access to a special AI beta program. Dynamo users can sign up to learn more about how the platform will introduce new functionality that will summarize activity notes using generative AI. This functionality will enable users to rapidly glean the most important details of an activity. Later this year, our product team will extend the feature to auto-summarize activities of certain categories, so that a Dynamo user does not need to perform any of the below steps in Dynamo to summarize specific activities. Further enhancements will extend the same functionality to documents.


Interested in leveraging this new functionality?

Please contact your Client Support liaison to be included in our DynamoAI Auto-Summarization Beta. If you are not a current Dynamo client, and would like to learn more, please contact us today or sign up for a demo.


Have You Seen the Dynamo Mobile Brochure?

Wrapped, secure, and ready for on-the-go investment management work. Untethered access includes the same permissions and security applied from Dynamo’s cloud-based desktop application, with an additional optional security layer using Microsoft’s mobile wrapper, Intune.

View the Dynamo Mobile brochure today.


Dynamo Client Video Testimonials

There are a number of new videos that have been released featuring Dynamo clients speaking candidly about their experience with Dynamo and the business case(s) for the platform. Take a look at what our clients, including Boston University Investment Office and Penn Office of Investments, have to say and what’s next for them as we continue this FinTech journey together.

View Dynamo Client Videos.


Attention Dynamo Clients!

Dynamo University is coming back to London on Oct. 5th. For Dynamo clients, this is a truly meaningful user conference built to help you further maximize your ALTS software investment, while networking & learning from colleagues and Dynamo experts. Talk with Aditi Harlalka ( to learn more and secure your seat today.

Dynamo Clients can register here.

GP-Focused Dynamo Frontline Insight Report

Don’t wait any longer to download your complimentary copy today.

Surveying more than 100 GPs, read these latest findings today in Dynamo’s Frontline Insight Report. Some key findings include:

  • Keep Investing, the Returns Will Follow I GPs are mindful and cautious of current market conditions, yet demonstrate confidence in their investment strategies. The majority of GPs surveyed (68%) will not further diversify their portfolios in 2023. Rather, they will remain focused on their single, highest-performing asset class.
  • Cautious with Costs I The majority of GPs (88%) indicated they will not shift their firm’s management fee structure. The current economic conditions have influenced them to keep costs at bay for their LPs.
  • Tech Cuts ARE NOT on the Table I Even with market fragility in play, GP technology budgets are untouchable. Nearly half (49%) of GPs indicated that over the next 12 months, their tech budget will stay the same. Another 45% said they expect budgets to increase.

Read the report now.


NEW Emerging Manager Frontline Insight Report

Dynamo surveyed 100+ global Emerging Managers to gain an inside look at trends and perceptions within the ALTS industry. The results are now available and contextualized in this NEW primary research, highlighting sentiment around investment strategies, fundraising, FinTech budgets, ESG/DEI reporting & more! Download your copy of the Frontline Insight Report for Emerging Managers today.


Private Asset Analytics | EARLY Access Program

Dynamo is a one-stop platform for research management, portfolio management, and analytics. By partnering with Northfield, Dynamo extends its modeling and forecasting of cash flows and fair values. See why forecasting with Dynamo + Northfield is superior.

Read more about signing up for our early access program today. Additionally, for LPs and asset allocators interested in learning more about the Dynamo | Northfield beta and early access program, please contact

Watch our 30-minute webinar with Northfield, available now on-demand.


NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Maximizing Your FinTech Investment

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A Continuous Path for Improving Performance & Productivity

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn three core areas to address within your firm to get the most of your FinTech. You’ll hear how to build a FinTech stack for alternative investments on both the GP and LP side that scales for future growth and business objectives. Featuring a guest client speaker from Venterra Realty.

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Dynamo Clients Get Candid!

We have released four new client videos. Watch them today to see how they are using Dynamo every day to optimize their investment workflows and drive successful business outcomes.