Dynamo’s product and innovation teams have come together to share some of the year-end highlights and new functionality to help clients unleash their insights and manage their investment workflows. Get the latest news below on what’s happening in and around Dynamo’s end-to-end alternative investments platform.

For General Partners (GPs)

Fundraising & Fund-Investor Dashboards for 2023’s Increase to ALTS Allocation

We wanted to take a moment to highlight two key dashboards that we believe will continue to increase in popularity as we approach 2023. Let’s start first with some background based on a recent Dynamo Frontline Insight Report.

With so much uncertainty in the market, it’s hard to know when the bull will return. While many Limited Partners (LPs) and asset allocators are preparing for 2023’s recession, they continue to turn their focus on what can help their teams work more effectively, while optimizing investment workflows. The visibility that LPs are continuing to push for will be cause for General Partners (GPs) to evaluate their own FinTech and communication strategies to provide a holistic performance picture in 2023.

In a recent research study, conducted by Dynamo Software and Northfield Information Services, a key stat shines as a meaningful indicator that informed risks with the prospect of higher returns will be a priority. In fact, 55% of LPs indicated that they will increase their ALTS allocation in 2023.

Let’s review two dashboards for GPs that will help handle numerous investment strategies, allowing fundraising teams to track multiple fund raises, while also measuring and managing multiple alternative strategy pipelines.

Executive Fundraising Dashboard

Dynamo’s Executive Fundraising Dashboard enables Fundraising teams to assess the progress of their Fund(s) fundraising progress.

Fund-Investor Dashboard

Dynamo’s Fund-Investor Dashboard enables Investor Relations (IR) teams to assess performance at the Parent Fund, Fund, Fund class, and underlying Investor level.

For Limited Partners (LPs) & Asset Allocators

Stress Tests Now Available in Allocation Planning Tools

Dynamo’s Portfolio Projections Dashboard (PPD) introduces Stress Tests as a new component to our allocation planning tools for Limited Partners. Using historical index returns and cashflow forecasting, the latest enhancement helps to analyze the impact of adverse periods (such as the 2008 Global Financial Crisis) and identify potential vulnerabilities in a client’s portfolio. Combined with the previously introduced Cash Management feature, clients can also assess potential overages and shortfalls related to future liabilities as part of portfolio rebalancing and allocation decision making.

Key Takeaways

  • Projection of investment performance based on pre-configured and ad-hoc stressors
  • Historical index returns are used as an integral part of constructing Stress Test scenarios
  • Displays the expected performance behavior of the portfolios, asset classes, and investments during the specified stressed periods
  • Fully integrated with Dynamo’s Advanced Cashflow Forecasting with Northfield Information Services

Use Cases

  • Examine potential impact on portfolios of extreme movements in the financial markets
  • Identify hidden portfolio vulnerabilities
  • Seek to understand how portfolios might weather adverse events and market conditions, including versus allocation targets
  • Aid investment professionals in decisions making, such as portfolio allocations and liquidity to mitigate against possible losses

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Dynamo Frontline Insight Report

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Surveying more than 100 LPs and asset allocators, read these latest findings today in Dynamo’s Frontline Insight Report. Some key findings include:

  • Alternative Investments | Informed risks with the prospect of higher returns equates to 55% of respondents indicating they will increase their ALTS allocation in 2023.
  • FinTech Uplift | Tech budgets aren’t decreasing. In fact, 51% of LPs and asset allocators will increase their technology spend over the next 12 months.
  • Talent War | Labor shortages and recruiting top talent go hand-in-hand with enabling the business with the right technology. Teams need to be empowered through automation, which leads to productivity acceleration and right-time decision making.

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