With the new year comes new product highlights. Dynamo’s product and innovation teams continue to stay focused on delivering new enhancements around our end-to-end alternative investments platform. This month’s update provides both a refresh of in-depth reporting and analytics, while showcasing what’s around the corner for Dynamo’s mobile app.

For Limited Partners (LPs) & Asset Allocators

Exposure Analysis Dashboard

Geared toward LPs who value look-through of their portfolios, the streamlined Exposure Analysis Dashboard empowers clients to quickly analyze exposures via dynamic data visualization and interaction.  Dynamo users can also decompose exposures using historical data to understand portfolio changes by region, sector, currency, or market capitalization.

Key Takeaways

  • Measure exposure to financial markets to understand a portfolio’s vulnerability to market fluctuations
  • Quickly gain valuable insights via dynamic data visualizations
  • Accommodates both Manager Reported and Holdings-based exposures

Use Cases

  • Monitor changes in portfolio concentration (or diversification) over time
  • Understand a fund manager’s use of leverage to amplify investment performance
  • Evaluate a manager’s expertise on managing exposures through market swings and commitment to the fund’s mandate


Pivot Grids within UI (user interface)

This functionality brings the ability to create pivot grids powered by Dynamo Analytics within Dynamo interface. This means that users are now empowered to create ad hoc reports and save them for future use without leaving Dynamo. The functionality also enables the grid to display  interactive charts that are updated dynamically depending on how a user interacts with the grid table.

Key Takeaways

  • Ability to build pivot grids using powerful Excel Analytics in collaboration within Dynamo
  • Drill-through functionality available in the grids (e.g., users can drill-down to individual investments if Asset Class grouping is selected within the grid)
  • Interactive charts updated dynamically to supplement the grid view
  • Workspaces containing pivot grids can be created by admins or users who have permissions to create workspaces
  • Note: To use the functionality, the company must be subscribed to Excel Analytics

Use Cases

  • Report showing value change over time by asset class
  • Ad hoc portfolio reports to supplement core dashboards

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Mobile Mania! Introducing a Fresh Face

Dynamo is gearing up for the first release of the year, and in particular we have some big changes coming to our mobile app.

Mobile users now have a flexible homepage that can display multiple grid panels. This is ideal for showing key reminders and tasks. Bonus! Admins can further personalize the mobile display by setting a different landing page for each user group.

The updated mobile display will also feature a user’s most frequently used items front-and-center – Contacts, Deals, and anything else. Dynamo’s  app learns what a users engaged with most  frequently and shows it first at the top of the homepage.

iPad users will notice a roomier layout that clearly displays more information at a glance.

See the screen shot examples below to get the full flavor of these exciting new mobile enhancements.

Look for more details on all our enhancements in the Dynamo Help section after the release!

Figure 1 | New Dynamo Mobile interface on an iPhone display.


Figure 2 | New Dynamo Mobile interface on tablet display.


Figure 3 | New Dynamo Mobile landing page on tablet display.


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