In an era when technology grants instantaneous access to information, people are accustomed to getting answers to their questions quickly. Increasingly, this need for more transparent, accessible information extends to LPs’ requests for investment performance data. If your team is small or bandwidth is stretched thin, accommodating requests thoroughly and quickly can present a challenge. With Dynamo’s integrated investor portal, both you and your LPs win back valuable time. Your investors can get an updated, inside look at all investment and account information at their leisure, and your team can focus their efforts on analyzing, rather than aggregating, data.

Portfolio Companies & Underlying Holdings

Dynamo’s investor portal acts as a window into the core Dynamo CRM that is tailored to give each investor a personalized experience. Once logged in, LPs can see real-time performance data for their investments at the portfolio company or account level. The portal hosts reports powered by High Charts and Microsoft Power BI, for those investors who wish to see a quick, visual snapshot or even drill through to underlying holdings.

Image of Portfolios Company Tab

Portfolio Monitoring & Valuation

Any field or report that is stored in Dynamo can be exposed in the Investor Portal. Because Dynamo’s portfolio monitoring module Dynamo PMV is integrated with the core CRM, users of both the portal and PMV can enjoy a seamless, cross-platform experience. Investors can quickly and easily view valuation models, methodologies, and metrics for underlying portfolio companies. With portfolio valuation and financials stored in one place, LPs can have secure access to their data to slice, dice, export, and analyze as they please. Below is an example of a report that could be pulled from the core CRM into the Investor Portal.

Report pulled from core CRM

Point of Contact

Though it does serve as a repository for documents and financials, Dynamo’s investor portal is more than a data room. It is a two-way communication system for both committed and prospective investors to reach out and request information, check the status of requests, upload documents, and even update mailing and wiring preferences. Gone are the days of important emails getting buried in the inbox. The investor portal notifies users of incoming messages or changes, giving managers an opening for an extra touchpoint, and investors extra transparency into whether their messages and requests have been actioned.

Investor Actions Tab

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