The attitudes and preferences of investors and asset owners are evolving, especially in the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic and the resulting market. Firms that offer a wealth of detailed financial reporting, a solid understanding and practice around sustainable investing, and an effective balance of personalization with automation and self-service are poised to stand out.

In the first of this three-part blog series, let’s examine one of the three ways wealth managers can gain a competitive edge using an investment management software.


Incorporating Personalized and Digital Communication

In today’s cluttered market, personalized and digital communication is essential to engage with and retain your investors. Expectations around virtual and digital wealth management have shifted globally. According to the 2021 EY Global Wealth Research Report, 51% of wealth management clients plan to increase their use of digital and virtual tools provided by their wealth managers. The caveat is that 39% of global investors believe that the increased use of technology, while beneficial, has decreased personalization in their relationships with their wealth managers.

The key, then, is to maintain a personal, human touch. When it comes to monitoring and analyzing portfolio performance, there is a clear preference for leveraging digital tools. However, when it comes to receiving advice and making decisions, there is still a strong tendency to prefer personalized engagement with advisors. For wealth managers, the opportunity lies in providing a hybrid model, i.e. offering a personalized service with complementary digital tools and the right investment management software can empower you to do that.

In Part II, we will examine where ESG and responsible investing fit into the competitive mix for today’s wealth managers focused on sustainability governance.


About Dynamo Software

For 20+ years, Dynamo has worked alongside our clients to develop and provide market-leading investment management software that improves wealth management processes and sets fund managers apart. 

Dynamo’s investment management software provides a secure, digital platform for both your investors and your team, enabling you to optimize your hybrid personal and digital services. For example, offering a secure investor portal where investors can view data, sign documents, and interact with your materials, can keep your investors engaged and help you maintain increased transparency.

Empower your investors with Dynamo.