Successful Marketing Requires More Than Just Email

Successful Marketing Requires More Than Just Email
Daniel Rheault

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In the competitive alternative investment industry, today’s fundraising efforts call for creative thinking supported by innovative tools. Generic emails cannot be relied on to deliver your firm’s value proposition when they fall into the same inbox with thousands of others. Firms that successfully leverage email do so through messaging that is not only compelling, but actually prompts engagement through personalization and unique offers.

A personalized approach will yield better results, but you do not have the available hours to dig deep into each unique investors’ characteristics, craft distinct messaging, customize each email and attachments, and individually send each email to avoid the spam filter. Conveniently, an investment management software system is full of qualitative information about prospects’ past investment histories and investment preferences – information that can be used to purpose a targeted campaign, and introduce a tiered solicitation model. Widely used by businesses of all sizes, integrated marketing technology gives fundraising professionals a larger universe of communications and balances their mass efforts with a more curated approach.

Determining how to transition from a broad strategic campaign into a targeted and tailored offer is the best way to identify and activate new opportunities.

Mass mailings use an outside mail server that can generate and distribute emails to a specified mailing list. Though this offers initial exposure to your firm, regardless of how targeted your list of investors is, you can’t expect that everyone will interact and engage with your content amidst the noise. Integrated solutions like Mailchimp enable you to distribute your message in bulk without risking the integrity of your mail server (although you absolutely should be abiding by local email laws) to help you prioritize your next follow up.

Email marketing tools can help you prioritize who your most active-but-passively engaged investors are by tracking open rates, empowering you to retarget them with something unique such as a gated fundraising portal with greater detail on your fund. Providing a deeper dive than your fund’s value proposition and attached tear sheet, portals deliver a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind investor experience that can help solidify your credibility with investors.

The secure gated access to your firm’s marketing materials allows you to determine who has accessed your information, but also providing you with investor activity analytics to identify the most engaged individuals.

PwC’s global strategy consulting team has stated in a recent whitepaper that, “Operational and technology support will need to continue to improve for asset owners, managers, and fund servicers to effectively manage growth in the alternatives asset class.” Adopting new software packages that integrate with critical communication tools facilitates a faster more efficient fundraising process, and allows you to not only identify the best investors, but convert them to commitments.