New Dynamo Software Support Website

New Dynamo Software Support Website
Travis LeSaffre

Dynamo Software is pleased to announce the launch of our new support site. Dynamo Software Support is now available by visiting and logging into

Some of the immediate benefits for clients include:

  • Eliminating the need to login to respond to tickets by consolidating the communications through email
  • Vastly improved usability and ease of use
  • Ability to search through tickets

After a comprehensive search, the Zendesk platform was selected for its ease of use and scalability for expanding our support program. We plan on leveraging this tool for centralizing our online client community and further emphasizing the collaboration between clients and Dynamo staff during implementations.

The support site launches December 22nd 2015, at which point Dynamo clients will receive an email notification with a link for your support account activation.

Our next phase of the client experience improvement project includes integrating our new online Help feature.