New Blog Post: 7 Core Features of Research Management Software

New Blog Post: 7 Core Features of Research Management Software
Travis LeSaffre

Institutional investors from endowments, foundations, pension plans, family offices, consultants, and funds of funds are receiving more research and marketing collateral than ever before, which has created an increasingly prevalent scenario in which research management is surpassing manual organization capabilities. Further complicating the matter are leaner teams demanding greater effort and increased responsibilities of each individual. The question is: how can you handle the mounting requirements with limited personnel resources? The answer for more and more institutional investors: through Research Management Software.

Having helped institutional investors and fund managers streamline their research management process for more than a decade, Netage Solutions has compiled the following 7 Core Features of Research Management Software. This educational tool is based on our 15+ years of experience, and is intended to educate institutional investors in their search for improving research management through automation.

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