Netage Solutions Takes Part in PE Summit

Netage Solutions Takes Part in PE Summit
Travis LeSaffre

The Netage team is back from Pasadena after participating in the 5th Annual Private Equity Summit organized by the OPAL Group. The conference participants discussed the challenges and considerations LPs are facing in today’s private equity market and are looking into the future of the venture capital. Krassen Draganov, Netage’s CEO, spoke on two panels:

  • “LP Reporting and Fund Documents from the Investor Viewpoint”
  • “The Role of Software in Managing your Investment Portfolio”

As an established leader in front-office software for private equity and other alternative assets firms, Netage has seen a marked increase in third parties’ interest in our understanding of the industry and the latest trends in key issues, such as reporting, transparency, and fund infrastructure. Stay tuned for more updates on our speaking engagements and presentations.