Netage Solutions Announces New Release of Dynamo™

Netage Solutions Announces New Release of Dynamo™
Travis LeSaffre

Watertown, MA — Netage Solutions, Inc. announced several enhancements to their alternative assets Dynamo™ CRM, Investor Reporting Portal, and Partnership Accounting Module. Over 250 alternative asset fund managers and asset allocators stand to benefit from core improvements to the products in addition to enhanced security protocols and improved data management.

Integrated Email Features

Dynamo™ v6.8 affords general partners an expanded degree of visibility into limited partners activity. In addition to added features for determining addressees’ interaction with Dynamo™ generated emails, the compatibility of event and meeting invitations have expanded to include popular platforms such as Gmail® in addition to the always supported Outlook®.

“While investors have started to open up their checkbooks more, the competition for their dollars remains,” stated Krassen Draganov. “This release of Dynamo™ is just another step in a continued mission of ensuring that clients that use the Dynamo™ platform maintain the competitive edge in fundraising.”

Additional Security for PDFs

Adding on to the substantial security features for investor reporting delivery, Netage announced several new technical improvements to the Dynamo™ Investor Reporting Portal. New features include the prevention of document downloads or distribution of published documents, and further visibility into activity audit trails.

“General partners have started to face a whole new set of compliance mandates,” noted Steve Tobio, Director of Product Development. “We’re continuing a proactive stance to ensure that our clients have an easy transition when new requirements are enacted, starting by getting ahead of the curve.”

Simplified De-Duplication Alternatives

With alternative asset fund managers experiencing varying growth in teams and their data, Netage announced an improved de-duplication tool for consolidating data within Dynamo™.  Offering new filters for content searches, Dynamo™ users benefit from a substantially streamlined and focused search for duplicate records needing action.

“The concept of big data is unapproachable without being able to handle smaller controlled amounts of data,” said Dan Rheault, Director of Product Marketing. “Integrating refined de-duplication automation ensures that our clients have CRMs free of clutter and erroneous data.”

For more than 15 years, Netage Solutions, Inc. has been the premier provider of CRM software and secure online reporting systems for the alternative assets industry, including private equity and venture capital funds, hedge funds, real estate investment firms, funds of funds, prime brokers, and institutional investors. Intuitive and highly configurable, the Dynamo™ platform has improved the productivity of deal , research, and investor relationship teams worldwide. Collectively, our 250+ clients manage over $450 billion in assets. For more information, please call 866.4.DYNAMO.