Netage Dynamo v6.11 Release Focuses on Portfolio Management Automation

Netage Dynamo v6.11 Release Focuses on Portfolio Management Automation
Travis LeSaffre

Latest Update Expands Tranparency Tools for Limited Partnerships

WATERTOWN, MA – Netage Solutions, Inc., the premier provider of front and middle-office relationship management software for alternative asset investment firms since 1998, today announced the release of Dynamo™ v6.11, an update to the award-winning Dynamo™ platform. Newly enhanced and added features designed to optimize portfolio tracking and calculations for global fund managers, streamline portfolio data import, and expand how users access and interact with Dynamo™. The latest Dynamo™ release further solidifies the platform as a centralized hub for clients’ data integration and performance benchmarking, through the new inclusion of renowned data provider PitchBook™.

“Netage has prioritized the ways technology centralizes and streamlines portfolio data management, reporting, and analysis,” stated Netage CEO Krassen Draganov. “Our sophisticated data exchange technology leverages our innovative functionality to lend itself to investor access as well.”

Automated Global Portfolio Tracking

Dynamo™ v6.11 simplifies portfolio tracking and calculations for firms investing in both domestic and international markets. Once the latest performance data is entered into the Dynamo™ platform, realized and unrealized calculations are completed automatically. Portfolio tracking automation also extends to buy and sell transactions, with foreign exchange rates seamlessly converted.

“Alternative asset firms investing in diverse markets worldwide are managing foreign currencies, and working with different transaction processes and calculation methods, which results in fund managers devoting significant time to producing their performance data,“ commented Netage Director of Product Development Steve Tobio. “The Dynamo v6.11 addresses manual portfolio tracking tasks through automation to allow managers time to improve performance rather than recording it.”

Secure Field Submission

Dynamo™ v6.11’s investor transparency updates reduce the burden on investor relations teams while providing firms’ investors with comprehensive security. Dynamo™ now includes secure submission forms which enable fund managers to easily retrieve and update portfolio performance. These forms also empower limited partners new ways to customize how their general partners provide them information.

“Ongoing client discussions made it clear that there is an over-dependency on relationships between portfolio companies, general partners, and limited partners to easily exchange information,” stated Dan Rheault, Netage’s Director of Product Marketing. “The newest release of Dynamo offers innovative ways to automate portfolio data aggregation, fund performance, and address LP preferences within our Investor Portal.”

Third-Party Integration Enhanced with Additional Leading Providers

Netage is proud to announce that integration with PitchBook™ is live with the v6.11 update. PitchBook™ is widely recognized as the leading research firm for the Venture Capital and Private Equity industries. Providing proprietary research on deals and companies, PitchBook™ supports all states and facets of a transaction, including sourcing deals, networking, and establishing comparables.

“Netage is thrilled to add PitchBook to our family of industry partnerships,” commented Mark Wickersham, General Manager of Limited Partners. “Dynamo has been continuously evolved within the private equity and venture capital markets for over sixteen years, and including PitchBook data in our product suite further distinguishes Dynamo as a premier industry-specific software solution.”

Single Sign On Now Live

Responding to feedback generated from ongoing survey and roundtable discussions with clients, Dynamo™ v6.11 will feature Single Sign On. Dynamo™ users and Investor Portal users will now have several Single Sign On options available to them.

“Total integration with client workflow has been a longstanding goal in our Dynamo product development,” noted Kevin White, Director of Client Services. “Single Sign on takes our existing integration with Microsoft Office a step further, and provides access to Dynamo at start up.”

Netage Solutions, Inc. has been a leading provider of industry-specific CRM software and online reporting systems for the alternative assets industry since 1998, including hedge funds, institutional investors, private equity and venture capital funds, real estate investment firms, funds of funds, and prime brokers. Intuitive and highly configurable, the Dynamo™ platform has improved the productivity of deal, research, and investor relationship teams worldwide. Collectively, our 300+ clients manage over $750 billion in assets. Media inquiries may be directed to Jason Doring at 617.612.5253 or jason(at)netagesolutions(dot)com.

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