With fund managers to visit, relationships to nurture, investment opportunities to research, and operational due diligence to conduct across service providers, institutional investors cannot be expected to work every day from the office. To keep pace with the demand for mobile work while remaining connected to data shared with those in the office, today 75% of American workers use cell phones for work. 60% of employees report increased engagement and productivity as a result.

If being connected on the road is essential to asset allocators’ abilities to stay in touch with their portfolio data and stay aware of the global investment landscape, leveraging an investment management platform with a tightly integrated mobile app is critical. Dynamo Software is a cloud-based research management and multi-asset class portfolio management system with a comprehensive mobile app and seamless integration with apps like Outlook 365 and Google Maps, enabling you to make the most of your time on the road.

Optimize Travel Planning and Meeting Preparation with Dynamo Mobile

With Dynamo Mobile, you have access to your whole database on any smart device with an Internet connection. For a quick refresh before important meetings with investors, managers or service providers, you can securely connect to the app for an overview of the funds you’re invested in, including: amount invested, fund performance over a selected date range, and most recent meeting notes.

If you plan to maximize your days out of the office by visiting many firms in the area, you’ll likely want to schedule your day by mapping an efficient travel route.  Use Dynamo Mobile’s “Near Items” to identify where contacts are in relation to each other and use the touch-to-call (or email) functionality to confirm meetings and instantly log scheduled activities in Dynamo.  Once you’ve confirmed your itinerary, plot the most efficient travel route with Google Maps without ever leaving the Dynamo Mobile application.

Dynamo's mobile relation management screenshot

During or after your meeting, enter and share your notes with your team in real time via Dynamo Mobile.  Later you can review new updates and activities added by the team, so no matter where you are, your team stays on the same page.

Manage Your Inbox with Outlook 365 Web Add-in

In the office and on the road, allocators’ inboxes are constantly filling with new emails and attachments from invested and prospective managers as well as their service providers. Dynamo Mobile’s seamless integration with the Outlook 365 (iOS) app allows you to deposit emails into Dynamo directly from your smart device, ensuring you’re never faced with the dreaded back-in-office inbox backlog. With the Dynamo add-in, you can automatically import content from Outlook emails, create events in your calendar, update tasks and contacts, and send new emails from anywhere.

The investment industry today demands instant access to information. If you’re in motion, your software can’t be immobile; you need a platform that fosters productivity and collaboration from wherever your travels take you. With Dynamo Mobile and your mobile device, you already have the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve while staying connected to your investments, contacts, stakeholders, and colleagues from anywhere.


Dynamo Software gives alternatives investors a Performance Edge, empowering them to efficiently scale their firm to capitalize on the growing wave of private market opportunities. With the Dynamo Alternative Investment Platform, Limited and General Partners can now run a tightly integrated firm, putting all their data to work to accelerate operations across front, middle, and back office, unleashing teams to work smarter, and allowing leaders to make better investment decisions and scale their firm. Dynamo has a global footprint with operations across North America, EMEA, APAC, and UAE. Follow Dynamo on LinkedIn.