In March, S&P Global Market Intelligence released a 2020 Outlook for Private Equity and Venture Capital, with Economic Uncertainty posing the greatest risk to portfolio companies across EMEA, APAC, North American, and Latin American regions. As such, LPs are paying special attention to portfolio performance and allocation. In a volatile market, LPs need to be able to view estimated performance using their benchmark and manager returns.

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For LPs with diverse portfolios, it is critical to have accurate predictions across all asset classes, especially illiquid asset classes like hedge fund and private equity. When hedge fund and private equity managers send out mid-month and quarterly estimates, the task becomes a matter of consolidating historical and benchmark performance data into an educated projection. This allows LPs to adjust allocations and manage risk accordingly.


Dynamo’s Portfolio Projections Dashboard (PPD), powered by Microsoft Power BI, offers detailed portfolio performance projections across multiple asset classes. By using expected manager performance and primary benchmark values as a proxy, the PPD can calculate estimated performance for any intra-month and month-end date, with respect to target allocations.

Users can drill into individual funds to see which primary benchmarks were used and view the exact calculations behind each projected value. The dashboard pulls user-inputted information, so as long as projected values are in the system, you can even see nuanced extended metrics, like MTD, QTD, YTD, FYTD, and CYTD.

Portfolios Projection Dashboard

The Portfolio Projections Dashboard also allows users to calculate SMA performance at the fund level using daily reported NAVs, or whatever NAVs are currently available.

Users can even incorporate unrealized investment gain and loss effects that occur after the previous month-end close. Any transaction that occurs on the first of the next month and has no effect on cash flow will be automatically incorporated into projected performance calculations.


Dynamo’s allocation entity allows users to track different asset classes and set targets or strategic allocations per asset class. Based on the results of the PPD, users can calculate the projected allocations of different asset classes and display them side by side.

Allocation table


The Portfolio Projections Dashboard shows data represented as interactive visualizations, but we know users want more than graphs and charts. Dynamo also offers users transparent, in-depth insights into your projections. Within the dashboard, users can see exact calculations and time-weighted returns, and track non-USD funds, as long as currency rate exchanges exist in the system.

Projection chart for market values including cash flows

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