With year-end approaching, private equity and venture capital firms are entering a frenzy of reporting and investor communications. Recently, we hosted a webinar covering how Dynamo can streamline your year-end closing practices through Dynamo Accounting and our integrated Investor Portal. Here are some key takeaways.

Reporting is half the battle

For many VC and PE firms, reports have to be pulled together for multiple LPs for multiple funds. This can prove time-consuming and manual without the right tools. Having your reports templated and ready can alleviate most of those preparation pains. Dynamo Accounting offers standard reports out of the box, including full financial statements, audit work papers, and IRR analysis including the ILPA standard formats, which can also be configured and customized to your needs.

Dynamo Accounting standard financial reports

Sharing tax documents should be simple and secure

A common pain point is retrieving K-1s and sending them out to each investor. While individual paper mailings are time-consuming and outdated, emails can present an entirely new set of challenges: time-sensitive documents can be buried in the inbox; people are wary of sending sensitive financial information via email. With Dynamo’s integrated investor portal, sharing tax documents with your LPs has never been easier or more secure.

Within the portal’s Tax Center, investors can manage their preferences, including providing consent to receive K-1s electronically. Once an LP consents, the relevant K-1s, and tax estimates become visible. With Dynamo, managers can grant access and change permission settings on a per document, per user basis.

Dynamo Software Tax Center

When documents are bulk uploaded via mail merge, users can apply custom naming conventions, password protection, and even individualized watermarks on each document based on items like Contact First Name, Company Name, or any other Dynamo field.

Make it easy for your investors

Once you’ve distributed your K-1s, it should be easy for your investors to access them. In the internet age, this can pose a challenge for older or less tech-savvy LPs. While some investors are comfortable logging into the portal and locating their tax documents on their own, others may be looking to have the documents sent directly to them. With Dynamo, they can have both!

The investor portal has an automated notification tool, so investors can be notified by email each time a document is posted to their account, with a link to the document in the portal. Managers can even set up summary notification emails to LPs with links to all documents posted during a specified time period.

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