Dynamo’s investor portal provides a secure place for you and your clients to communicate with one another. In May we hosted a webinar covering some of our investor portal’s main features. You can watch the recording here, or read on to see the key takeaways.

Fully Integrated Portal

The portal is an extension of the core Dynamo CRM, which means users and their investors are essentially operating out of the same system. Any changes made in the CRM will automatically update in the portal in real-time, and vice versa. So, you and your investors always will be on the same page.

Like Dynamo, the investor portal is extremely configurable, so users can tailor layouts, data points, and reports to meet your firm’s needs. Any data points that are available in Dynamo, such as account balance or document status, can be exposed in the portal. Importantly, any changes made in one will reflect in the other.

The portal is also integrated with Google maps, for easy access to directions, location information, and even street views of investment properties.

Portal integrates with Google Maps


The portal leverages a combination of Power BI, High Charts, and SQL to give investors deep transparency into their investment performance and underlying holdings. In our recent Deal Management webinar, a poll among GP attendees showed that 70% have noticed an increase in LPs’ requests for transparency into how their portfolio companies are reporting. Within the portal, LPs can view complete breakdowns of investments, from investment classes or total invested, down to the underlying portfolio companies that comprise them. Additionally, the portal enables drill-through views to get deeper insights into the data and performance metrics.

Data can be viewed as both charts and tables, and LPs can slice and dice data to pull their reports. With the portal, it is easy for LPs to see things like account performance over time. Once finished with a report, investors can export it directly to Excel to run their own ad hoc analysis.

Portal facilitates viewing data as charts and tables

Document Storage

The investor portal acts as a secure repository for important investment and tax documents. Users can post financial statements, balance reports, K-1s, as well as other documents relevant to each investor to the password-protected data room, rather than running the risk of sending sensitive information via email.

The portal makes navigating through documents easy, with filtering, sorting, and separate tabs for both unread documents and important tax ones. Investors can filter, sort, and group documents together so they can be organized in a way that makes sense to them. If LPs are invested through multiple accounts, they can access the documents for each account individually or see all documents across all accounts in one place.

Investor Self-Service

With the Dynamo platform, you can give your investors a white-glove experience. The investor portal provides a user-friendly, secure point of contact for investors who want to request information, ask questions, or set up a call, as well as track the status of these requests. The portal is integrated with DocuSign, so you and your investors can sign and return documents online. This is especially useful in streamlining fundraising efforts and lets clients do some of the work for you.

LPs can also log into the portal to make updates to their own information, like wiring instructions, mailing preferences, and contact info. When these changes are made, Dynamo can notify someone internally, so someone from your team can reach out to confirm them, giving you and your investors extra confidence and security.

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