The Dynamo team has worked closely with clients to identify and fulfill deal pipeline management needs. As a leading provider of deal management software, we are proud to share our updated offering, which is focused on improving the visualization, sharing, and security of pipeline data. Toward the beginning of the quarantine, we hosted a webinar detailing the latest updates. Here are the key takeaways:

1. Data Visualization is King

At the beginning of the webinar, we polled the audience to learn which factors are most important to senior members of deal teams: Relationship Tagging, Sourcing Information, Visualization, Outlook Integration, or Mobility. Visualization led the charge with 32% of the vote. Dynamo’s integrations with Microsoft Power BI and in-UI high charts provide a variety of workspaces and dashboards for visualizing data. In this webinar, we showed users some of our core pipeline reports.

Monday Morning Pipeline

Powered by high charts, the Monday Morning Pipeline is a workspace that shows a team’s deal pipeline in a tabular format with charts to drill down into various information. This workspace provides a high-level outlook of your pipeline for easy ad hoc reporting in a visually appealing, easy-to-toggle view.

Monday Morning Pipeline Dashboard

Power BI Deal Log

The Power BI deal log shows a detailed breakdown of the deals in a team’s deal pipeline, with filters so users can easily home in on different sectors, regions, and sourcing information. As users filter the data, charts will automatically update.

Power BI Deal Log Dashboard

Spider Chart (Beta)

A new asset to your relationship tracking, the spider chart allows users to view relationships between entities in a hierarchical format, with retractable and expandable brackets. This dashboard is currently in Beta.

Spider Chart view for viewing relationships

2. Your Inbox Can Still Be Your Home Base

A second poll asked mid- and junior-level team members which factor was most important, and Outlook Integration took the lead with 30%, with Sourcing Information coming in a close second at 26%. Fortunately, Dynamo has tight integrations with Microsoft Outlook and several third-party data providers to make getting data into and out of the system as seamless as possible.

Outlook Add-In

With so much business happening over email, Dynamo’s Outlook web add-in allows users to add and update records in Dynamo without leaving your inbox. The Outlook web add-in syncs your inbox directly to your Dynamo instance, so you can selectively add emails, documents, activities, and contacts. Users can also make updates to Dynamo fields, assign document categories, and tag related entities.

As deal information passes through the inbox, users can add, turn down, and progress deals in the system. Dynamo’s auto-tagging feature Dynamo AI can scan the subject, body, sender, and attachments of an email to automatically suggest related entities to tag.

Dynamo AI scans email to suggest related taggable entities

Reply-To Meeting Notes

After a meeting, it’s important to log your notes while they’re fresh in your mind. With Dynamo’s reply-to meeting notes feature, the system will send an email to all meeting attendees, who can then respond directly to that email with their notes. All replies will be aggregated and logged into an Activity and attached to the meeting in Dynamo, ensuring you and your team are all on the same page.

3. Keep Third-Party Data at Your Fingertips

Third-Party Integrations

A third poll revealed that 75% of attendees mostly rely on established data providers like Preqin and Pitchbook over newer providers like DataFox (15%), broad data like Bloomberg and Factset (31%), conference lists (21%), and targeted lists like the Deloitte 500 (8%). Dynamo offers several ways to sync with third-party data providers, so you can access the data you need within a single interface.

In this webinar, we covered our integration with Pitchbook, which provides a live look into Pitchbook. If the Pitchbook integration is enabled, users can access all information on a company from right within a deal entity in Dynamo.

Dynamo integration with Pitchbook

Dynamo is constantly working to create a product that helps users make the most of their deal pipeline data. If you missed our webinar, you can watch it here.

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