Dynamo’s product and innovation teams are sharing a number of meaningful updates to help our clients unleash their insights and manage their investment workflows. Here are the latest highlights that span across PMV, DEI, Mobile, and ESG. Get the latest news below on what’s happening in and around Dynamo’s end-to-end alternative investments platform.

For General Partners (GPs)

NEW Accounting Link for Dynamo PMV

We’re pleased to announce that Dynamo’s Portfolio Monitoring & Valuation (PMV) software now connects directly with accounting systems. The first out-of-the-box integration is now available with QuickBooks®. This new integration can be used by General Partners (GPs) to import financial statements from portfolio companies, bypassing the upload process. This will save an immense amount of time because historical data can now be imported rapidly while having all future periodic updates automated on a schedule defined by the GP.

The below screenshot shows how AccountingLink brings data directly into Dynamo to analyze, create reports, and conduct valuations.

For Limited Partners (LPs) & Asset Allocators

Dynamo Excels in Intelligence – Use Case for DEI

Our team has been actively engaging clients in support of their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Measuring DEI success is a major challenge due to the lack of reporting standards and structured formats. While some organizations, such as ILPA, are starting to provide more clarity, we still see that many of our clients are trying to determine their own way to best incorporate DEI into their decision-making process. Dynamo’s extensive configurability makes it an ideal platform to support the various needs related to DEI tracking and research.

Dynamo is helping our clients integrate DEI metrics and diligence into their platforms in several ways. For example, through Dynamo’s industry-leading configuration capabilities clients can add additional DEI-related tabs on their Fund or Management Company profiles. These tabs can include information collected from the manager, internal comments regarding the client’s diligence, and a scoring system. The scoring system can be created using our flexible calculated fields functionality and can easily be incorporated into a workspace, allowing clients to compare DEI scores across their portfolio.

Within Dynamo, teams can also seamlessly track DEI by tagging related activities, such as articles, documents, and notes from manager meetings to a DEI investment idea. For a more analytical approach users can create advanced searches to help with screening managers based on certain DEI metrics, such as a low internal rating, which may spur additional discussions with those managers and teams.

Dynamo’s Web Forms can also be leveraged by users to more efficiently collect DEI information from managers. These clients can create questionnaires with the DEI information that they care most about. Once the manager has submitted their response, clients will have those results integrated directly into the platform making it easy to view and comment on the information, as well as analyze changes in responses over time.

ATTN Dynamo Clients | For more information regarding our DEI capabilities, please contact your Client Success Manager or Dynamo Support. Additionally, please see below for links to Dynamo Help for the features referenced.

Private Asset Analytics | EARLY Access Program

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Dynamo Mobile Feature Spotlight

New Release on Android!

We’re excited to announce that there’s a new version of the Android app available in Google Play. The new features include:

  • A Maps tab
  • Improved display for SSRS reports and grid panels
  • Single sign-on (SSO) login support
  • Improvements for displaying saved views
  • New advanced search capabilities

Are You Mobile with Dynamo?

You can download the Android version here.

The Apple version is also available here.

ESG | Getting Automated & In the News

For many, this is a time of reflection. As we look at Dynamo’s ESG software, we wanted to highlight that you don’t have to do the EU Taxonomy Tab 1 disclosure by hand because it’s all automated in Dynamo! Now, that’s something to be thankful for!

In the news recently were two major media placements regarding Dynamo’s focus on ESG and responsible investing.

First, Dynamo’s Danielle Pepin, Head of Product for Portfolio Monitoring and Valuation (PMV) and ESG, published an article with Impact Alpha on, “How Private Equity Can Unlock Impact Alpha With ESG Data From Portfolio Companies.”

Read the full article here: https://impactalpha.com/how-private-equity-can-unlock-impact-alpha-by-managing-esg-data-at-portfolio-companies/

Second, Dynamo and CSRHub announced their partnership to empower investors by integrating Dynamo’s platform with ESG risk management tools. We are proud to also recognize Meyer Memorial Trust for being an early adopter.

Read the full press release here: https://www.dynamosoftware.com/news/dynamo-software-and-csrhub-partner-to-integrate-esg-risk-management-tool-into-alternatives-asset-management-platform/

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