If there’s one thing the world collectively learned when things largely shifted from in-person to virtual, it’s that people thrive on human connection. This is just as true in the business world as it is for personal relationships: 85% of respondents to a Forbes study feel that in-person meetings “build stronger, more meaningful business relationships.”

When the pandemic interrupted normal workflows, we, as employees, did not adapt to a system requiring less connectivity. Rather, we turned to video conferencing, virtual events, and cloud-based CRM platforms to sustain and increase valuable connections beyond emails, texts, and water cooler talk. In fact, Zoom Meeting’s customer base grew 324% from Q4 2019 to Q1 2020.

In the post-pandemic, re-opened world, introductions are being made at networking events, through mutual acquaintances, both in-person and virtually.

For investors, well-maintained and well-documented relationships pave the way to making the right moves at the right time. In fact, a study in ScienceDirect argues that “investor relationship management helps to improve communication with the market, enhances investor confidence, and results in a win-win outcome for both the company and its investors.” There is immense potential in new and long-standing relationships; so, how are you leveraging them?

Having a strong relationship network is crucial to ongoing, repeatable success and initial introductions are just the beginning. Tracking and nurturing relationships with contacts at prospective companies, investors, industry experts, and third-party referrers is critical for propelling deals forward and attracting a continuous number of healthy high-quality referrals into the pipeline. Once the introductions and initial conversations have happened, it is essential to track and analyze the three W’s: Who’s talking to Whom about What?

Relationship Management Software

As a cloud-based industry-tailored CRM platform, Dynamo Software is investment professionals’ modern-day Rolodex, re-imagined for a new era. With intricate tagging and relational capabilities, the software empowers team members to document all interactions with individuals and companies to build a comprehensive map of relationships as they unfold.

Dynamo offers multiple out-of-the-box dashboards to monitor relationships and assess their quality. Two of the crowd favorites are the Relationship Scoring and the Deal Sourcing dashboards, detailed below.

Relationship Scoring

Dynamo’s Relationship Score Dashboard provides a centralized, interactive view of all activities and interactions between team members at your firm, and contacts at opportunity companies, enabling users to paint a full picture of your firm’s relationship with the company. With built-in filters and drill-through capabilities, users can evaluate who on their team is talking to whom at opportunity companies, and what they are talking about. This makes it possible to assess the relationship of each team member to each contact at a company, or your team’s relationship with a particular contact, and better understand the quality of the relationships your team is building. Instead of being maintained in individual notes inboxes, this information is centrally available to the whole team. Together, the team can identify where the strongest connections lie and move forward accordingly.

Relationship Scoring Dashboard

Drill-through your team’s relationships at the deal level to discover key players, identify strengths, and assess relationship quality with the Relationship Scoring Dashboard.

Deal Sourcing

Dynamo’s Deal Sourcing workspace gives users a central view to assess the value of opportunities coming in through third-party brokers. Visualizing this data makes it easy to identify the right brokers (i.e., the broker with the highest volume of high-quality deals for your criteria), thereby indicating the relationships you need to focus on and nurture.

Deal Sourcing Workspace

Evaluate your deal sources to determine which referrers consistently deliver the highest-quality deals with the Deal Sourcing workspace.

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