How Investment Management Software Can Make You the Office Hero

How Investment Management Software Can Make You the Office Hero
Anna Yegorova

Often, Dynamo Software clients are required to substantiate the business case for adopting an investment management software platform. Given a full understanding of the issues that they face in their role, often times articulating the benefits that will impact their colleagues will be taken under greater consideration. Below are five benefits that can carry across the organization when leveraging an investment management software platform.

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1. Eliminate the “Sunday Scares” and automate Monday morning meeting preparation

Monday morning commutes are for strong coffee and mentally setting yourself up for a successful week, not for anxiety about a report that needs to be prepared ASAP for the Monday morning meeting. A software platform dedicated to alternative investment management can schedule and automatically distribute the necessary reporting to email inboxes so that your team can focus on making great investment decisions while well informed, while letting you take back the weekend.

2. Inspire collaboration by making it easy

According to Deloitte, “Most companies have not figured out how to make information easy to find.” 72% of the employees studied revealed that they could not find what they needed in their company’s information systems. 57% believed that their companies were not doing enough to help employees manage information flow.

Difficulty retrieving information not only slows down your own work, but also hinders collaboration amongst the rest of your team. Sharing relevant research is essential to ensuring that all team members have the tools they need to succeed. Manually sharing information with team members is tedious, time consuming, and inefHow to be the Office Hero_Collaboration_Croppedfective when an email with important information is lost in a colleague’s inbox.


Investment management software allows you to find information efficiently, and streamlines collaboration by allowing a team member to forward important information immediately notifying colleagues, while also ensuring that the information is intelligently stored for later access.


3. Guarantee all team members meet or exceed their goalsHow to be the Office Hero_Automating Tasks_Cropped

Harvard Business Review discovered that knowledge workers spend an average of 41% of their time performing tasks that could be done by others. Spending too much time on non-value-add activities makes these workers lose productivity.

Team members are best when putting their expertise and energy towards tasks that directly lead to achieving their goal. Fundraising software au
tomates time-consuming tasks, like mass mailing lists of potential investors so that your team is free to focus on prioritizing on the best opportunities, or identify passive interest to convert to an active interest.


4. EnsHow to be the Office Hero_Mobilityure team productivity anywhere, anytime

Cloud-based software platforms empower your team to work from any computer with an Internet connection, and for some systems, in an offline mode. The freedom to work anywhere immediately benefits from dedicated mobile apps that capitalize on an investment software product’s unique features. An investment software suite that provides a mobile app enables team members to work from their smart phones or tablets on the go, quickly address unexpected issues,
maximize preparation for offsite meetings, ensure immediate updates are published to all colleagues, and allow for streamlined navigation if the app supports integration with other travel apps.


5. Provide your team with best-in-class support.

Encountering a technology problem during a busy workday and dealing with a vendor’s unresponsive client service process is a frustrating experience. When investing in software, you are also investing in the support through complications that may be raised in the future. Consider the value of a great knowledgeable customer support experience that will understand your firm’s unique issues, and can get them resolved quickly and painlessly.

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