At its core, Dynamo Software serves as a centralized data, activity, and document repository for firms across the alternative investments spectrum. With its advanced relational capabilities, auto-tagging via Dynamo AI, and configurable layouts and fields, Dynamo allows firms to keep contacts, deals, notes, documents, and performance data in a single, well-organized system.

Often, though, searching through legacy CRM and RMS platforms that are loaded with information can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Since search engines like Google and Bing afford us the luxury to type in a query and find exactly what we’re looking for, most technology users have an appetite for instant access to information.

To meet this need, Dynamo’s Global Search engine allows end-users to instantly locate items and documents in the Dynamo database by using keyword based searches.

Dynamo global database search

Say you’re checking a deal’s pipeline progress, searching for a portfolio company’s most recent KPIs, or looking to quickly call an investor. Rather than navigating through pages of entities, you can type a phrase into the Quick Search bar, and the Global Search tab will display a list of results sorted by relevance and grouped by item type.

If you want to find documents containing research and analysis relevant to US banks, you can search the term “US banks” and modify results to show documents. The Global Search engine will return all documents containing the phrase “US banks.”

Searches can be modified to include only fields, only documents, or all items that begin with the searched term. For example, instead of combing through a company’s record and activity history to find a specific month’s tear sheet, you can search for it directly in the system.

To keep you in lock step with constantly evolving performance data, industry factors, and pipeline progress, Dynamo is always evolving its product to further automate your investment management processes. With features like Search, Dynamo AI Auto-Tagging, and configurable automation of tasks and alerts, we focus on reducing time spent aggregating, organizing and acting on data-driven issues. With Global Search, data for your urgent reporting needs and ad-hoc curiosities can be located in seconds, without diverting resources to find them.

The new Global Search is currently in Beta and available upon request. Because the engine indexes all data and documents, this feature uses additional cloud storage. To learn how you can deploy Global Search on your Dynamo tenant, contact your Dynamo Client Services Representative.

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