Dynamo Software‘s 2016 Survey Highlights the Challenges Institutional Investors Face in Collecting, Managing and Analyzing Information

Dynamo Software‘s 2016 Survey Highlights the Challenges Institutional Investors Face in Collecting, Managing and Analyzing Information
Travis LeSaffre

Poor transparency, lack of reporting standards and disparate technology cited as biggest concerns

WATERTOWN, MA – Dynamo Software, Inc., formerly known as Netage Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of industry-specific software platforms for alternative asset firms and asset allocators, announced the findings of a quantitative survey focusing on how general partners and limited partners exchange information.

Institutional investors and their advisors continue to face a number of organizational pain points in 2016. The lack of a comprehensive research and information platform for manager due diligence, monitoring and reporting stands out as the biggest trouble spot according to Dynamo Software’s 2016 Institutional Investor Survey: The Investor Challenge: Turning Data Into Information. The survey and resulting paper highlight the need not only for better clarity and transparency from alternative asset managers but more robust, integrated technologies to manage said information.

“It’s clear from the survey that many allocators do not have the right tools to make important investment and portfolio management decisions. The need to marry both the quantitative and the qualitative is paramount to running a successful multi-manager program.” says Krassen Draganov, CEO of Dynamo Software. “This is why we developed our Research and Portfolio Management System for limited partners. Our platform provides sophisticated investors with a single, unified solution for data collection, due diligence, portfolio management, performance reporting, and risk analysis.”

Key findings from the survey include:

  • 94% of investors have asked their fund managers for information above and beyond regular communication.
  • Almost 60% of investors classified the challenge of managing fund communication as either Difficult or Very Difficult
  • The need to use multiple systems for portfolio management and continued reliance on manual data entry are two significant pain points for investors
  • Investors rate their fund managers’ ability to articulate their investment strategy much higher than their ability to differentiate or describe their “edge”.

A copy of the whitepaper can be found here, or throughout the Dynamo Software website.

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