PUBLISHED: October 20, 2022

At Dynamo, we are committed to providing excellence to our clients in every way, every day. This thread runs through client support and service interactions, along with how we provide training and continued education. We want it to be easy to leverage Dynamo every day to get business done.

Our product design and innovation experts are continually evaluating all the essentials for a strong User Interface (UI), that will help users rapidly find what they’re looking for and let them accomplish tasks efficiently. Our main objective is to modernize the Dynamo UI while making it flexible enough to grow and scale with the Dynamo platform as we continue to build industry-leading capabilities and functionality.

Introducing New Comfort & Compact Themes

Dynamo’s new Comfort and Compact themes are available in our November 2022 release. These themes replace the Classic theme, which will not be available on the Dynamo platform upon the new November 2022 release.

The new themes are the result of 12 months of design and user testing done to develop a modern UI with options for different types of users. For example, for users who prefer a compact view that includes more information on the page, Dynamo’s Compact UI serves that goal. And, for users who prefer a clean, minimalist interface, Dynamo’s Comfort UI provides a more streamlined view.

Over the last 12 months, we have gradually rolled out these themes to our end users, and they have been widely embraced. The Comfort theme includes broader spacing between screen elements and menus for more white space viewing, while the Compact theme is spaced more tightly, enabling more content to display on a single screen. Both new themes provide a soft light mode display.

Comfort Screen Shot Example

Comfort Theme

This is just the beginning. Our design team has been growing and we are investing more resources in ongoing improvements across our desktop and mobile applications. We will communicate further improvements with each release over the next 12 months as we onboard new technologies and adopt more user-friendly ways of doing things.

You’ve Got Questions, WE have the Answer! Web Form Surveys Arrive

Another major inclusion in the Dynamo November 2022 release is the launch of a new type of web form focused on surveys. Dynamo Surveys provide a highly configurable, easy-to-use tool to create and deliver questionnaires based on a central question bank. This improves the consistency and quality of data.

Built with client feedback incorporated, the Dynamo product and innovation teams have designed the tool to facilitate the efficient creation and distribution of long-form questionnaires. Dynamo end users benefit from:

  • Question Bank | Questions are stored and can be re-used from survey to survey, supporting data continuity and making it easy to create new surveys. Questions can be created individually or imported in bulk using the Excel Add-in.
  • Flexible Respondent-Focused Design | Easily arrange questions on the screen and display the survey questions to improve clarity and optimize survey responses
  • Actionable Insights | Track each answer, build robust charts and analysis with statistics based on historical survey data collected
  • Move Beyond Data Collection | Further enrich business data by integrating survey responses with the other data stored in Dynamo or expose the results in the Company and Investor portals, and tag and organize documents to individual questions

There are a number of additional updates in Dynamo’s November 2022 release including efficiencies built into the simple-click merging of data and new capabilities built into portfolio monitoring and valuation. The Limited Partner (LP) dashboard displays have also been further enhanced with additional activity, fund, and portfolio projections components. Finally, the Dynamo Mobile App has been enhanced with location and proximity functionality, which can help for better planning of in-person business meetings, relationship management, and territory assignments.

If you are a current Dynamo client or end-user, please see the complete details of the November 2022 release here.

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