Our product and innovation teams have launched a series of compelling updates in July 2022. Here is a high-level summary of Dynamo’s latest features and functionality for its cloud-based alternative investments platform.

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For General Partners (GPs)

Advanced Filtering on New Forms

This is a powerful feature that enables a Dynamo user to limit dropdown selections within a New Form to help drive a more streamlined and efficient user experience.  For example, when a user creates a Portfolio Transaction, the sub-selections are focused on Buy, Sell, Conversion, etc. versus a full-scale drop-down list of the entire library of Transaction Types.

Continued Focus on Web Form Improvements

Dynamo Web Forms empower users to create custom editable forms for various purposes such as creating items, updating items, and updating relations information. Users are able to publish the forms on Workspaces, Saved Views, Entity Layouts, send web form URL requests by email, or use the default web form raw URL. Then the recipients fill the forms and submit the information back to the Dynamo platform.

The Dynamo product and innovation teams are pressing on a number of areas to help with web form optimization, including:

  • Ability to display fields in multiple columns
  • Conditionally required fields
  • Configurable submission messages
  • Custom order for collated forms
  • Custom style sheets


For Limited Partners (LPs) & Asset Allocators

LP Dashboards

  • Enhanced Cash Flow Forecasting Dashboard. We have enhanced the existing report to perform FX conversion calculation for non-system denominated funds in future periods, and added a configuration option to display only the selected model when embedded within a Cash Flow Model
  • Fund Snapshot. Adding to the suite of LP reports, this dashboard summarizes key qualitative and quantitative metrics about an individual fund across performance, exposures, capital activity, and due diligence.  Configurable fields add flexibility for clients who would like to display additional fund attributes.
  • Portfolio Projections Dashboard FX Enhancement. The latest version of this Dynamo dashboard includes an enhancement that performs FX conversion calculation for non-system denominated funds in future periods as well as a new visualization that display portfolio allocations over time

Subscription Notifications Enhancements

The queue for the Edit and New types of notification subscriptions is now visible through the interface. This allows you to see if your data changes have created a queue item based on the configured notification subscriptions. Feature highlights include:


Privat Asset Analytics | EARLY Access Program

Dynamo is a one-stop platform for research management, portfolio management, and analytics. By partnering with Northfield, Dynamo extends its modeling and forecasting of cash flows and fair values. See why forecasting with Dynamo + Northfield is superior.

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Portfolio Monitoring & Valuation (PMV) & Mobile

Here are some important updates Dynamo users should be aware of:

  • PMV has new Valuation waterfall automation using Dynamo Accounting features
  • Dynamo’s Android mobile app now available!
    • You can download it here

Mobile Video! New QR Code Generation & Scanning

Here’s a short 90-second video to show you the latest mobile functionality.

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