Long, busy, and cluttered investment reports can be intimidating to look at and difficult to decipher, not to mention time-consuming to create. With new advances in business intelligence and data visualization tools, the days of interpreting static portfolio or pipeline reporting are behind us. True to our name, Dynamo offers a dynamic reporting experience across the platform and portal solutions. A combination of Microsoft Power BI and Highcharts allows users to interact with and manipulate data in a sleek, intuitive interface in just a few clicks.

Revitalize Data with Power BI

Dynamo’s integration with Power BI allows users to bring once static reports to life. In collaboration with one of our large LP clients, Dynamo developed the CIO Dashboard: a multi-level summary of various metrics typical institutional investors’ CIOs would like to see in one interface. Metrics include portfolio allocations, benchmark comparisons, and performance by investor, fund, and asset class.

Years of client input and programming hours were spent developing Dynamo’s initial portfolio and investment level reports, which exist within Dynamo’s LP Report Library. With the data and logic already validated, quality checked, and in place, the next step is delivering calculations to Dynamo end users in an easily consumable way. With the data visualizations layered on top via Microsoft’s Power BI platform, the reports run automatically in the dashboard, allowing end users to toggle and drill through data with the click of a mouse.

Dynamic visualizations can also be added into specific entities. For example, a fund entity might show an interactive chart of its historical exposure. Having this information front and center allows investment professionals to quickly identify trends and patterns, so they can spend more time focusing on the “why” and less time gathering, normalizing, and crunching numbers.

Power BI is a powerful tool that can be leveraged by even the minimally technologically savvy. End-users can upload interactive charts created in Power BI and publish them directly to Dynamo.

Interactive Power BI chart published to Dynamo

User-Configurable Data Visualization with Highcharts

Dynamo also allows users to add Highcharts to any entity or work space. Complex visualizations are powered via Dynamo-created stored procedures, but standard charts and graphs are user-configurable through Dynamo’s Admin Console. Admin users can choose to add any combination of pie, bar, line, area, funnel, heat, and bullet charts.

Based on Dynamo user needs and feedback, this list is constantly evolving and expanding. With the expansion of our back-office offerings, Dynamo is moving toward allowing clients to create financial charts within the system. This eliminates the need to move data between Dynamo and Excel, allowing users to stay within one interface.

With information stored in Dynamo, charts are accessible to anyone in the organization with permission, and can be updated in real time, so there is organization-wide consensus about the numbers. Data moves quickly, and dynamic portfolio reporting with Dynamo is the tool to help you keep up.

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