Can You Grade Your Vendor’s Client Service?

Can You Grade Your Vendor’s Client Service?
Daniel Rheault

The marketing department at Dynamo Software frequently conducts post-implementation interviews – as a neutral party outside of sales and implementation, we can serve as a sounding board for both praise and complaints.

Scaling a software company can be difficult business, and we have seen the rise and fall of competitors over our (nearly) twenty year life as a company. As a software company’s sales pipeline grows, so do their implementations. This spike in implementations is often deemed as “growing pains” by most organizations, but scaling in a way that is responsible to customer attentiveness is paramount to consistent growth.

We recently changed our support desk software, and in doing so we were able to find more information on how we stack up to comparably sized software companies. The grades are out, which you can see below. We are happy to offer transparency into our internal operations, since we are in the business of enabling our clients to enhance their relationships with their stakeholders.


Aside from great helpdesk support, we have also received consistent praise for implementation and deployment. Our average satisfaction rating in 2015 was scored as a 3.6 out of 4 in this category.

I’m cherry-picking a few questions from our exit interview (I don’t think you’re keenly interested in how clients are using the DynaMobile™ app) which we hope that you can use as a guide when collecting references on technology vendors.

  • How would you rate the job that your project manager did in terms of setting up the product for your specific needs? (We use a four answer scale to ensure that people either share a positive or negative opinion – people tend to favor neutrality when possible).
  • What were the core priorities during implementation and how were they addressed by your client services representative?
  • What would you have changed about the implementation process?
  • What features of the product are the most relevant to your needs and how would you rate these features’ performance?
  • What is the most discernible difference you’ve noticed since using Dynamo™?
  • What changes would you like to see in the product and services in the next twelve months?
  • How would you compare your experience with Dynamo Software to other technology vendors?