Cambridge Associates Benchmarks Redistribution Agreement

For Limited Partners (LPs) & Asset Allocators

We’re excited to announce that Dynamo is continuing its focus to further extend its alternative investments platform and increase transparency across the entire investment workflow. Dynamo understands that LPs must be able to leverage critical decision support tools and services, all within unified, centralized FinTech.

As a result, Dynamo has signed a redistribution agreement with S&P Dow Jones Indices to provide Cambridge Associates’ (CA) private investment benchmarks to its clients automatically on a quarterly basis. S&P Dow Jones Indices is the exclusive distributor of CA’s benchmark data in PDF and digital-only formats to end users, and platform redistributors, such as Dynamo.

Dynamo’s clients can sign up for one or more index families, including Venture Capital, Private Equity, Private Credit, Real Assets, and aggregated Private Equity & Venture Capital. CA sources the data for the benchmarks from the quarterly unaudited and annual audited financial statements that private investment fund managers produce for their fund investors. Unlike other data providers, CA does not use any FOIA requests, regulatory filings, manager surveys, or press “scrapings” to obtain information. You can learn more about CA’s benchmarks by visiting their Frequently Asked Questions.

With this redistribution agreement, Dynamo now provides  two sets of published records to clients who sign up for S&P Dow Jones Indices / CA (Beta) redistribution: 1) quarterly since inception by vintage year returns and metrics by quartile (lower, upper, median); 2) quarterly horizon pooled IRRs since inception. Historical data will be provided in the form of ‘Since inception’ values by quartile, starting from as of date Q3 2022 and including vintage years beginning with 1987.

Example of CA benchmark data integrated into Dynamo’s Private Market Fund Snapshot Dashboard.


Key Takeaways

  • CA builds their private investment benchmarks relying on four decades of experience investing in private capital markets.
  • CA’s benchmarks are fully composed of institutional-quality funds, and the underlying information that contributes to the quality and integrity of their data is sourced directly from the quarterly fund financial statements provided by the fund managers.
  • Dynamo Clients who sign up for S&P Dow Jones Indices/CA’s (beta) will have the opportunity to automatically receive these benchmarks on a scheduled / quarterly basis, leveraging Dynamo’s integration capabilities

Use Cases

  • Benchmark values from S&P Dow Jones Indices/CA’s (beta) can then be used across numerous Dynamo dashboards and analytics. For additional examples on how Dynamo clients can leverage benchmark data, please visit the LP Dashboard Library in our Help center. Please note, access to the LP Dashboard Library is limited to clients only.

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Attention Dynamo Clients! Please contact your Client Success Manager to enable automated delivery of S&P Dow Jones Indices/CA’s (beta) benchmark redistribution into your Dynamo tenant.


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