Automate Manager Correspondence with DynamoExchange

Automate Manager Correspondence with DynamoExchange
Rachel Lurie

How do you manage the flow of manager correspondence in your inbox? Receiving multiple documents in varied formats can present organizational challenges. Searching through a document for key information, and consolidating information from multiple documents into an easily accessible format takes valuable time. Following up with managers, storing information, and evaluating their pitches can be difficult if data is trapped in pdf files, or worse, stored in disparate locations. Manually moving everything to a central location potentially allows for data to fall through the cracks.

Automated Email and Document Capture

With DynamoExchange, emails in your firm’s shared inbox are automatically categorized and tagged based on advanced rules that you define within Dynamo. The automated email and document capturing engine categorizes, or “tags” emails and links them to the appropriate entities in your Dynamo instance, so your team can focus on reviewing the documents rather than spending time finding them.

Dynamo AI offers auto-tagging for personal inboxes via Office 365. As new activities are added into the database, subject lines and body content are parsed, and tags are automatically suggested for relevant funds, companies, deals, and contacts.

With Dynamo, your team need not aimlessly search for newly added items and activities. Once a new item is added into the database, Dynamo can send an email notification to other Dynamo users with a link to the entry of interest. Rather than scrolling through a list of documents, users can proactively get direct access to the items in need of their attention.

In our webinar Automating Data & Document Collection, Investment Analyst Dhinesh Ganapathiappan of the City of San Jose Office of Retirement Services shared that since implementing Dynamo Exchange, “Our staff is able to spend more time on higher value-add activities and save time on monotonous file management.”

Electronic Data Submission Forms

When managing a high volume of manager investment data, it’s helpful to have an automated process. Dynamo offers electronic data submission forms through the DynamoExchange platform. Using these submission forms, prospective and invested fund managers can securely fill out only the specific information you request, and submit data and documents directly into your central Dynamo repository. This ensures all submissions are easily accessible and linked to the correct funds and firms.

Without data submission forms, fund managers often send lengthy documents in unstructured formats, using different naming conventions for the same data points. This makes finding key factors time-consuming, and can present a roadblock if your team is looking to quickly analyze the latest available manager data. By inviting fund managers to fill out a pre-built form, all information is submitted in a uniform structure.

Investor Portal and Data Room Integration

Dynamo directly integrates with Dynamo Investor Portals, Intralinks, Box, and Citrix ShareFile FTP. Leveraging these integrations provides your team an automated means to capture, centralize, and access documents across your firm, all without leaving the Dynamo interface. When new documents are added into accessible portals or data rooms, Dynamo automatically imports each into your database, relating them to the relevant entities and tagging them with the appropriate categories.

With DynamoExchange, your team achieves better organization, thoroughness, and data security in fewer steps. To learn how DynamoExchange can benefit your firm, contact us to schedule a demo.