Coming off the weekend can be tough, but jumping into your week feet first doesn’t need to be a challenge. Your Monday Morning Meeting sets the stage for your week, so it’s crucial that everyone starts off on the same page. That’s why Dynamo has configured the Monday Morning Meeting dashboard, where users can quickly generate, edit, and visualize pipeline data and share it with the whole team. Dreading your next meeting? Check out these 3 tools to help your team conquer Monday mornings and jumpstart a successful week.

Configurable Dashboards screenshot

Configurable Dashboards

In your Monday Morning Meeting workspace, you can sort, group, and drill-down through your data, so you get the most transparent and comprehensive views. The ability to slice and dice data any which way empowers you to explore scenarios and analyze sub-sectors of information right on the screen. Your workspace can be configured to update in real time, ensuring the latest and most accurate data automatically displays for your meeting without the last-minute scramble.

Broker Deals Dashboard screenshot

Visual Representations of Data

View visualized data in the same screen as your reports. The Monday Morning Meeting workspace includes interactive charts and graphs, allowing you to click into each section to view drill-down data to three levels. You can choose to display information as a pie chart or a bar graph, and look at one or multiple visualizations on the same screen.

Dynamo-Deal-Meeting-Excel-Export screenshot

Exportable / Mobile App Reports

Making edits to your reports during the meeting? Don’t worry about slow note-takers or the Monday morning attention lull. Before, during, or after your meeting, you can quickly export the report and send as an attachment to your team within Dynamo, or access the report via the DynaMobile app so everybody leaves on the same page, and no important changes fall through the cracks.

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