Watch Dynamo’s CEO and product leadership team discuss trends, insights, and solutions to a number of business challenges impacting General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs). This series is hosted by Georgie Frost, award-winning freelance broadcaster and journalist, and Rachel Hicks, BBC-trained journalist, film maker, and  media trainer.

Dynamo Software Unleashes Investor Insights

Smart, Successful Investment Management Requires Control Over the Data Deluge

Alternative investment technology must keep pace with the dynamic and constantly evolving world of work. Given the unique complexities of the industry, it’s critical to have systems for data capture and collaboration in place. With FinTech automation, new and tenured investment professionals can toss tedious manual tasks aside to dial in on more strategic endeavors. Watch Dynamo’s CEO, Hank Boughner, share insights and recommendations on how embracing FinTech solutions can empower GPs and LPs and how Dynamo enables investment firms to make the best, smartest decisions with their capital.

Dynamo Software Reimagines How Alternative Investment Firms Do Business

How FinTech for Alternative Investments Firms Fuels New Business Paradigm

Many investment firms are drowning in a continued deluge of data. Embracing alternative investment FinTech solutions can empower LPs and asset allocators to save time, money, and sanity of their team members by tossing aside the tedious manual tasks. Watch Matt Keller, Vice President of Product at Dynamo, talk about how Dynamo’s Data Automation offering enables investors to make smarter, faster decisions.

Dynamo Software is a Guiding Light for GPs to Power 2023 Investment Strategies

Communication and Content Sharing for General Partners Fuels Deal Velocity

Fund managers leverage phone calls, emails, web conferencing, texting, and in-person communication to have a tightly integrated relationship with their investors. Therefore, streamlining the communication process, while making it easy for their investors to consume critical information, has become a key driver for all fund managers. Watch Steve Tobio, Vice President of Product at Dynamo, explain the uniqueness of the Dynamo platform and how it can help GPs improve communication and collaboration.

Dynamo Software Unleashes Investor Insights

Untangling ESG Frameworks, Compliance, and Standards for Successful Investment Management

As ESG continues its mainstream evolution, regulators, investors, and shareholders are demanding greater accountability. Organizations are becoming more consumed with complying to ESG standards, but the deluge of data across its many fronts is a challenge that must be addressed. The priority is to understand how to select the right ESG framework that will support what the business needs to measure while having real-time access to data that is audit-ready. For firms in the alternative investments industry, the intensity of data volume and flow can be overwhelming. Watch Danielle Pepin, Head of Product, PMV, ESG & Mobile at Dynamo, talk about how Dynamo’s ESG & Impact module empowers GPs and LPs to successfully implement, facilitate and measure their Responsible Investing programs.

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