Driving Investment Performance with FinTech that Delivers

Emerging Alternative Managers take notice! Underperforming investment strategies can certainly lead to stagnant growth. But, so can poor handling of business functions and operations. Complex or highly-regulated investment strategies, especially those around ESG/DEI, require a more sophisticated approach to managing your investment workflows. Audits and operational efficiency are key, and you must be able to have trusted information, and infrastructure, that supports targeted fundraising. Your firm is in growth mode, and you need all the infrastructure bells and whistles of your larger colleagues, for when allocators are running their due diligence.

Join this 30-minute webinar on Feb. 15th at 11 AM PT | 2 PM ET, hosted by Dynamo Software, to learn how to drive optimal investment performance in 2023 with the right FinTech developed to not just handle your business today, but grow and scale for what you need tomorrow. This session will cover:

  • Three essential insights for embracing FinTech built to scale and address your needs from initial deal management to fundraising to portfolio monitoring
  • Real-world use cases and scenarios that will help showcase how to build increased transparency for Limited Partners (LPs) and manage new capital/fundraising
  • Best practices and strategies today’s Emerging Alternative Managers should leverage to drive overall investment and fundraising success in a turbulent market

Q&A will be moderated at the end of this 30-minute session. Special guest speaker Tyra S. Jeffries, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, CCA Global Capital Group will also present during this webinar.

Join the webinar to learn how to drive optimal investment performance in 2023 with the right FinTech!