Addressing Asset Allocation Planning Challenges

Lower valuations. Market volatility. Evolving risk and return profiles. To say that today’s financial environment poses challenges for asset allocation planning is an understatement.

Watch product and FinTech experts from Dynamo Software and Northfield Information Services in a 30-minute on-demand webinar and learn:

  • The latest private investment forecasting methodologies to help Limited Partners (LPs) and asset allocators meet allocation targets and liquidity requirements
  • How FinTech can help optimize private investment commitment planning and liquidity management strategies
  • Ways to automate the manually-intensive process of private investment data sourcing, a key forecasting prerequisite

Emilian Belev Special guest speaker, Emilian Belev, is a leading FinTech industry expert with decades of experience in investment analysis of equity, fixed income, currency, interest rate, and credit derivatives, structured products, directly owned real estate, private equity, and infrastructure. He has also designed integrated frameworks where these asset classes are analyzed side-by-side in a coherent fashion.

You will receive exclusive access to collateral and resources about new methodologies and technology innovations available to address the challenge.


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