Win with Rapid Intelligence: The Value of Data Connectors to Your Investment Management Software

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David Frank, the CEO and Managing Partner of Stonehaven LLC published a list of the “Top 16 Alternative Investment Trends for 2016” in January that carries heavy implications for firms’ long term futures. Two trends on Frank’s list were particularly striking, and directly related to each other. The first is that “asset managers will increasingly embrace exposure through media channels to enhance brands.” Frank notes that the “no media” perspective of top alternative investment firms has quickly become obsolete, and that to ensure continued relevance in the market place, firms will have to create engaging content through digital media channels.

The spine of all compelling content, including videos, direct correspondence, and text-based collateral on a firm’s website, is exceptional research. The financial media market, even in a niche industry like alternative investment, has evolved to the point that extensive, insightful research is readily available. Preqin’s award-winning industry intelligence is driven by the tireless work of analysts entrenched within all global investment markets. Bloomberg’s diverse range of research products and data analysis is supported by over 4,000 dedicated technologists. BarclayHedge has established itself as an authority in the hedge fund industry through over 25 years of deep experience and relationship building within that market. PitchBook’s intelligent proprietary research methods and expert, highly specialized data teams have made them an indispensable resource for private equity and venture capital groups.

The obstacles that alternative investment firms need to overcome are placing that data in front of their fund managers and analysts, and effectively leveraging it to entice prospects and existing investors. Another point made in Frank’s article provides a solution, stating that, “the most successful capital raising organizations of the future will embrace a combination of close personal relationships and integrated technology.” Frank notes that in his experience “the most successful marketers are increasingly embracing sophisticated technology systems,” and specifically highlights 3rd party data integrations, intelligent data filtering, and consolidated reporting.

A configurable investment management software platform bridges the gap between research and analysis, and client-facing operations. Configurable software makes integrations with companies such as Preqin, Bloomberg, BarclayHedge, and PitchBook readily usable, and provides dashboards that make the most relevant information instantly consumable. Unique market insight and performance analysis derived from this information can then be funneled to the firm’s marketing team to facilitate effective content marketing.

An end-to-end also platform streamlines the transition of information between research and client-facing staff, enabling the firm to distribute appealing content quickly. Targeted messaging distributions occur via email to specific email lists using a mass mailing tool, or posted instantly through an integrated Portal for users to retrieve on their own.

Building an effective share of voice requires a multi-channel marketing strategy that maximizes the use of intellectual capital, and an operational process that optimizes the flow of information to the marketing team. Adopting a comprehensive, configurable investment management system provides research teams with access to data from the industry’s premier data providers, as well as an intuitive path to critical context for marketing teams. A centralized platform is not just a valuable internal task management tool, but an essential hub for both inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

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