Krassen Draganov Dynamo Software

Krassen Draganov

CEO and Co-Founder

Mr. Draganov co-founded Dynamo Software, Inc., formerly known as Netage Solutions, in 1998. As the company’s Chief Executive Officer, he leads its management team and defines its vision and long-term strategy. In the three years prior to Dynamo Software, Mr. Draganov was the Technology Director at Summit Partners, a leading global private equity and venture capital firm with a capital base in excess of $5 billion and offices in Boston, Palo Alto and London. Prior to Summit, Mr. Draganov ran a desktop publishing company he founded in 1991.


dilian pavlov dynamo software

Dilian Pavlov

President and Co-Founder

Mr. Pavlov co-founded Dynamo Software, Inc., formerly known as Netage Solutions, in 1998. A founding member of the Board of Directors, he is responsible for the strategic planning and management of the entire company and for the concept development of its flagship products. Mr. Pavlov has extensive experience in the financial industry. Before co-founding Dynamo Software, he worked at KPMG Barents Group, at the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund (a venture capital group), and as an investment manager with the Europa Capital Management (ECM) Bulgarian Post-privatization Fund.


Georgi Zahariev Dynamo Software

Georgi Zahariev

Director of Operations

Mr. Zahariev joined Dynamo Software in 2000 after serving as the CFO of a Bulgarian pharmaceutical company. Mr. Zahariev is responsible for multiple facets of Dynamo Software’s global operations. providing contributions and leadership within product management, client services and finance. Mr. Zahariev concurrently serves as a member on the Board of Directors at the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM). Mr. Zahariev graduated from the American University in Bulgaria in 1995.


Christofer Solheim

Christofer Solheim

Board Member

Mr. Solheim has been an investor in the Dynamo Group since 2001, and has served as a Board Member since 2010. Since 1989, Mr. Solheim has started a series of successful technology companies which have been successfully sold or taken public. Mr. Solheim is presently the CEO of CommEq Asset Management, a quantitative hedge fund firm.


Kevin White Dynamo Software

Kevin White

Managing Director of Client Services

Mr. White joined Dynamo in 2005 after his tenure at Sungard Data Systems, during which he held various roles in Client Relations including Sr. Account Manager and Client Services Manager. In his role as the Managing Director of Client Relations at Dynamo, Mr. White leverages his 17+ years of serving clients in the technology industry while overseeing the entire client experience from Implementation, through Support and Relationship Management. He is responsible for client satisfaction and loyalty while striving to optimize the value of our clients’ investment in Dynamo’s services and products. Mr. White graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Sociology.


Dan Rheault Dynamo Software

Dan Rheault

Director of Product Marketing

Mr. Rheault joined Dynamo Software in 2011 after assuming hybridized roles across sales, marketing, and project management in the high tech information security industry. In his role as the Director of Product Marketing, Mr. Rheault leverages his experience to educate the market, launch new products, and advise research and development efforts. Mr. Rheault graduated from Skidmore College in 2007 with a BA in Sociology with a concentration in Law and Society.


Steve Tobio Dynamo Software

Steve Tobio

Director of Product Development

Mr. Tobio joined Dynamo Software in 2013, following his tenure at SS&C Technologies, where he served as Director of Services and Operations. As Dynamo’s Director of Product Development, Mr. Tobio leverages over 12 years of financial and technical experience specific to the Alternative Investments industry to define, plan, and execute the product roadmap. He manages a strong team of developers and analysts who are focused on the satisfaction of existing clients, while maintaining industry and product focus for new business. Mr. Tobio graduated from Bentley University with a degree in Accounting Information Systems.


Angelina photo

Angelina Benham-Hermetz

Director of European Operations

Mrs. Benham-Hermetz joined Dynamo Software, Inc.in 2015 to lead Dynamo’s London-based operations. As the Director of European Operations, Mrs. Benham-Hermetz leverages her decade-plus of alternative asset-specific Fintech experience to expand Dynamo’s footprint in the EMEA region.
She has previously served in a senior consulting role for eFront Ltd., as well as SS&C’s Director of EMEA Operations and TheNextRound Inc.’s Director of Client Services. Mrs. Benham-Hermetz graduated from Brandeis University in 2005 with a MA in International Economics and Finance.


Ari Oustinoff 2016 Dynamo Software

Arie Oustinoff

Senior VP of Global Sales

Mr. Oustinoff joined Dynamo Software in 2016, following his tenure at SmartBear Software, where he served as the Director of Sales. While at SmartBear, Mr. Oustinoff led global sales, growing the business from $2.5M to $25M+ over 4 years. As the Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Mr. Oustinoff leverages his 10+ years of experience building and leading high performance sales teams. Mr. Oustinoff graduated from Bryant University with a degree in Business Management.


Chris Georgiev

Chris Georgiev

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Georgiev joined Dynamo Software as Chief Technology Officer after his tenure at Mitsubishi Corporation Asset Management, during which he was responsible for guiding software engineering and the development of mission-critical financial applications designed to support complex investment strategies. Mr. Georgiev leverages his experience in large-scale development with a diverse range of financial platforms and strategies to drive customer-centric innovation for the Dynamo™ platform. He received his BA from SUNY Albany, majoring in Computer Science and Business Administration.


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