Dynamo™ Hedge Fund Edition is hedge fund Cloud CRM software solution utilized by over 75 hedge funds worldwide. Out of the box, Dynamo™ delivers hedge fund-specific capabilities that offer streamlined execution of your marketing and fundraising, investment research management, data integration and analysis, investor relations management, and investor reporting.

Backed by a dedicated team that has supported hedge funds since 1998, the Dynamo™ platform offers unparalleled configurability, enabling you to eliminate hours of tedious work and integrate your existing investment operational patterns into user-specific dashboards, automated reports, and workflows.

Dynamo™ is accessible right at deployment with preconfigured settings, and benefits from regular maintenance and releases to ensure the platform meets your evolving needs. Seamlessly integrated with Outlook® and the Microsoft Office® Suite, you and your colleagues can continue to use the tools that you know. DynaMobile™ users maintain 24/7 access to critical data through the smartphones and tablets you’re familiar with, including a mobile-friendly version of the Investor Reporting Portal.



Track Compliance Requirements

Populate fields based on contact types for completion in preparation of compliance.


Identify Your Compliance Gaps

Run included reports to identify contacts and records that are missing critical data points.


Ensure Tasks are Completed

Assign and track task completion for gathering compliance-mandated answers.


Stay Ahead of Evolving Needs

Include anticipated compliance-specific fields for completion by IR.

dynamo compliance screenshot

Dynamo’s™ configurability and industry-specific complex relationship tracking makes the Cloud platform ideal for ingraining and maintaining compliance best practices for compliance mandates. Dynamo’s™ compliance tracking modules and data submission forms are designed to accommodate tracking and fulfilling complex regulations, including FATCA, AIFMD, and KYC.

Data Integration and Analysis


Convert Currency

Eliminate manual foreign exchange rate conversions.


Control Your Data Pipeline

Import public and subscription-based data into Dynamo™.


Upload Data

Map Excel® spreadsheets and upload data into Dynamo™ with one click.


Benchmark Performance

Compare your investment performance to leading industry standards on one screen.

dynamo data integration and analysis

Dynamo™ enables hedge fund managers to maximize their performance insight through fluid data integration and analysis features. Data from leading third-party providers, including Bloomberg and Preqin, can be directly imported into the platform, empowering users to view their performance data alongside leading business intelligence. Powerful ad hoc reporting generation provides immediate and comprehensive insight into the performance of your entire portfolio.

Fundraising and Marketing


Identify the Best Investors

Target ideal investors based on investment preferences and historical communications.


Grow Your Reach

Simplified import tools and third party data syncs allow you to expand your prospecting lists.


Occupy Investors' Minds

Keep in touch through periodic emails and set tasks for yourself or others to execute.


Evaluate Your Success

Maintain insight into your fundraising pipeline and centralize your committed amounts.

hedge fund marketing fundraising software

Dynamo™ Hedge Fund Edition provides industry-specific fundraising tools that optimize the speed, quality, and transparency of fundraising efforts. The platform’s Mail Merge tool and integration with third party email providers enable users to leverage tailored lists to send compelling, targeted messaging to prospective investors. The Dynamo™ Fundraising Portal strengthens outreach by allowing stakeholders to instantly access to PPMs, firm news, performance reporting and other key collateral. Documents can also be personalized with watermarks in Dynamo™, augmenting your firm’s brand equity while incorporating enhanced security.

Investor Relations


Consolidate Your Investor Records

Aggregate all contacts in Dynamo™, and track all their relevant information and communications.


Track Balances and Transactions

Instantly push updates to a dedicated Investor Portal.


Generate Investment Reporting

Create quarterly reports, K-1s, custom reports, or other mailings automatically.


Create a Complete Investor Profile

Track the funds your investors have invested in, and how their investments are performing.

hedge fund investor relations software

Dynamo’s™ industry-specific investor relations features are informed by nearly two decades of intensive experience collaborating with IR teams. The Dynamo™ Investor Portal enables firms to promote transparency by instantly posting the latest balances, transactions, and performance updates into a branded digital environment. The Portal also promotes investor engagement by exposing contact-level information to clients, enabling them to update their investment records and notification preferences, as well as run their own on-demand reports.



Stay Linked 24/7

Deliver key information to your team with a single click.


Powerful Mapping

Built-in GPS features enable you to plan multi-stop travel routes.


Fluid User Experience

All custom dashboards in Dynamo™ can be viewed in DynaMobile™.


Solve Ad Hoc Challenges

Review investor data from your smartphone or tablet.

alternative investment management mobile application

Dynamo Software’s DynaMobile™ application is a powerful tool for managing investor relationships outside of the office. Available on Apple®, Android® and Blackberry® operating systems, users can instantly access investor profiles and update these records with relevant communication and notes. These updates are immediately available for other Dynamo™ users, providing your firm critical context on investor activity from any location.

Research Management


Build a Comprehensive Research Database

Store and intelligently categorize all types of research through Outlook® or your mobile devices.


Build Multiple Unique Workflows

Automate data collection for intuitive retrieval.


Centralize Your Research Experience

Utilize a Recommendations Grid to consolidate analyst insights.


Expedite Your Access to Research

Search records “in text” and by flexible criteria to quickly locate relevant research and reports.

hedge fund research management software

Dynamo’s™ hedge-fund specific research management features are designed to maximize the utility and pace of managers’ and analysts’ investment research. The platform can be configured with personalized workflows that institutionalize the data storage process and automate data collection and organization. Portfolio managers benefit from the Dynamo™ Recommendations Grid, which provides a comprehensive overview of recommendations from analysts in an easily viewable format. Analysts can leverage the relational features to easily track interactions with key stakeholders and sell-side analysts.

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