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The Dynamo Software blog, beyond providing the latest company news and product developments, features exclusive commentary on issues impacting the alternative asset industry. Dynamo Software staff, supported by their in-depth and diverse experience in alternative assets, are joined by independent thought leaders and executives in sharing their insights on critical topics such as the latest compliance initiatives, optimizing deal management, due diligence best practices, and effective investor relations.

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How Investment Management Software Can Make You the Office Hero

Often, Dynamo Software clients are required to substantiate the business case for adopting an investment management software platform. Given a full understanding of the issues that they face in their role, often times articulating the benefits that will impact their colleagues will be taken under greater consideration. Below are five benefits that can carry across

No Gimmicks Needed: Prioritizing Functionality over Flash in Your Software Vendor

While financial technology for alternative investments is a niche industry, there are a substantial and diverse number of companies operating within this space. One of my responsibilities at Netage is regularly reviewing the latest developments from our competitors, to further ensure that we are aware of the industry trends that are most relevant to our

DynaMobile™ Released for iOS v8.0+

by on February 20, 2015 in Mobility, Product Releases

Today we released our new version of DynaMobile™ on the iTunes store. For those of you with mobile devices using iOS v8.0 and above, you can update the app through iTunes. The new Apple app offers: • A complete visual redesign to meet technological standards and upcoming changes • Enhanced integration for calling contacts, and

New Blog Post: Going Hands Free with Dynamo v6.6

by on December 28, 2012 in Mobility

With the recent release of Dynamo™ v6.6, we unveiled a roster of improvements to the core Dynamo™ CRM and our secure investor portal. Having had a strong seamless integration with Outlook that is largely unparalleled by other CRM vendors, we wanted to stay even further ahead of the curve than we have positioned ourselves. So, in

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