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The Dynamo Software blog, beyond providing the latest company news and product developments, features exclusive commentary on issues impacting the alternative asset industry. Dynamo Software staff, supported by their in-depth and diverse experience in alternative assets, are joined by independent thought leaders and executives in sharing their insights on critical topics such as the latest compliance initiatives, optimizing deal management, due diligence best practices, and effective investor relations.

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Dynamo™ Debuts Fundraising and Partnership Accounting Enhancements in v7.1 Update

QuickBooks® Compatibility and MailChimp® Native Integration Highlight New Release WATERTOWN, MA – Dynamo Software, a leading provider of industry-specific investment management software solutions for alternative investment firms, is proud to announce the latest updates to the company’s flagship Dynamo™ suite. The v7.1 update focuses on introducing new functionality through data exchange and native integrations with

Dynamo Software Reveals v7.0, the New Generation of the Investment Management Software Platform

by on October 31, 2016 in Company News, Product Releases

Fully Integrated Commercial API, Streamlined Secure Access, and Comprehensive Application Performance Enhancements Announced WATERTOWN, MA – Dynamo Software, Inc. today announced the newest release of the company’s flagship Dynamo™ alternative investment software platform, Dynamo™ v7.0. Notable new features include a comprehensively enhanced new front end, formal web API, and enhanced single sign on capabilities. “The

New Dynamo Software Support Website

by on December 21, 2015 in Company News, Product Releases

Dynamo Software is pleased to announce the launch of our new support site. Dynamo Software Support is now available by visiting and logging into Some of the immediate benefits for clients include: Eliminating the need to login to respond to tickets by consolidating the communications through email Vastly improved usability and ease of use

DynaMobile™ Released for iOS v8.0+

by on February 20, 2015 in Mobility, Product Releases

Today we released our new version of DynaMobile™ on the iTunes store. For those of you with mobile devices using iOS v8.0 and above, you can update the app through iTunes. The new Apple app offers: • A complete visual redesign to meet technological standards and upcoming changes • Enhanced integration for calling contacts, and

Netage Dynamo v6.11 Release Focuses on Portfolio Management Automation

by on December 17, 2014 in Company News, Product Releases

Latest Update Expands Tranparency Tools for Limited Partnerships WATERTOWN, MA – Netage Solutions, Inc., the premier provider of front and middle-office relationship management software for alternative asset investment firms since 1998, today announced the release of Dynamo™ v6.11, an update to the award-winning Dynamo™ platform. Newly enhanced and added features designed to optimize portfolio tracking

Netage Solutions Announces Dynamo™ v6.9 with Advanced Dynamic Reporting and Mobility Enhancements

by on February 8, 2014 in Company News, Product Releases

Compelling Data Visualization and Android® Functionality Highlight New Product Release WATERTOWN, MA —  Netage Solutions, Inc. announced a new release of the Dynamo™ CRM platform, with industry-specific improvements designed to benefit over 275 alternative asset fund managers and asset allocators. Integration with cutting-edge interactive visual reporting tools, the addition of the DynaMobile™ app to Android®

Netage Solutions Announces New Release of Dynamo™

by on September 2, 2013 in Company News, Product Releases

Watertown, MA — Netage Solutions, Inc. announced several enhancements to their alternative assets Dynamo™ CRM, Investor Reporting Portal, and Partnership Accounting Module. Over 250 alternative asset fund managers and asset allocators stand to benefit from core improvements to the products in addition to enhanced security protocols and improved data management. Integrated Email Features Dynamo™ v6.8

Netage Solutions launches new version of Dynamo CRM and integrated Investor Portal

Watertown, MA – Netage Solutions, Inc. today announced several new features included in the v6.7 release of their leading alternative assets Dynamo™ CRM and integrated Investor Portal; the platform of choice of over 250 alternative asset fund managers and limited partners with over $450 billion in assets under management. The Dynamo™ enhancements targeted automating investor

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