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The Dynamo Software blog, beyond providing the latest company news and product developments, features exclusive commentary on issues impacting the alternative asset industry. Dynamo Software staff, supported by their in-depth and diverse experience in alternative assets, are joined by independent thought leaders and executives in sharing their insights on critical topics such as the latest compliance initiatives, optimizing deal management, due diligence best practices, and effective investor relations.

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Win with Rapid Intelligence: The Value of Data Connectors to Your Investment Management Software

David Frank, the CEO and Managing Partner of Stonehaven LLC published a list of the “Top 16 Alternative Investment Trends for 2016” in January that carries heavy implications for firms’ long term futures. Two trends on Frank’s list were particularly striking, and directly related to each other. The first is that “asset managers will increasingly

Eight Reasons to Adopt a Centralized, Industry-Specific Multi-Asset Management System

This article originally appeared in the July 2015 issue of i-invest, an institutional investment magazine published by AI Global Media. Featuring commentary from the industry’s leading influencers, i-invest is dedicated to providing insightful coverage of disruptive and pressing topics impacting institutional investors. Alternative asset investment requires navigating highly specific regulations, obligations to stakeholders, and operational

A High Pressure Hedge Fund Environment Demands Agile Service, Not Legacy Systems

Amy Bensted’s article in the        2016 Preqin Global Hedge Fund Report effectively summarized the steep challenges that hedge funds will face in this calendar year. Pushback from major stakeholders on typical fee structures, and disappointing industry-wide 2015 performance has put hedge funds under significant pressure. Don Steinbrugge of Agecroft Partners also wrote

Cloud-based Hosting is the Right Choice for Alternative Investment Software

I recently attended the inaugural Family Office Fintech Summit, a conference presented by Family Wealth Report devoted wholly to the technology challenges facing family offices and wealth managers. A dominant theme throughout the panel discussions was cybersecurity, a concept that – based on the discourse during these panels – still has not achieved a concrete

Private Equity Real Estate Firms Can Build an Adaptable Fundraising Strategy with Asset Management Systems

The private equity real estate market has enjoyed a steady resurgence from the infamous crisis in 2008. The latest Ernst & Young         Global Market Outlook: Trends in Private Equity Real Estate report noted that “the market this year has been characterized by healthy levels of deal flow across the gamut of fund

Build a Scalable, Game-Changing Knowledge Platform through Partnerships with Experienced Vendors

The recent          Hedgeweek Special Report penned by James Williams remarks that “asset managers now operate in a world where complexity is pervasive, products and competitors proliferate, and profits are under pressure. Keeping up operationally is critical, not just a ‘good-to-have.’ In this new operational frontier, infrastructure has become a source of

Bridging Relationship Gaps with Fund Admins through Front Office Software

by on November 16, 2015 in Fund Administration, Private Equity

Internal productivity is highly dependent on rewarding relationships with vendors. Inconveniences such as a late office supply order can inhibit project progress, but a complex communication system with an outsourced fund administrator presents a far larger blockage in a firm’s inherently complex investment operations. Pensions and Investments’ Rick Baert reported in March 2014 that private

The Value of a CRM in Brand-Building for Private Equity Firms

The private equity marketplace’s rapid evolution is only matched by the intensity of its competition. The industry boasts $112 billion in assets as of Q2 2015, the second-highest Q2 investment level since 2007, according to the Private Equity Growth Capital Council’s 2015 Q2 Private Equity Trends Report. Preqin’s H2 2015 Alternative Investments Outlook notes that

“Must-Have, Not Nice-to-Have”: CRM and Reporting Technology as a Revenue Generator

by on August 11, 2015 in Family Offices

My post The Necessity of Industry-Specific Configurability for Multi-Family Offices concluded with the statement that family offices are historically late technology adopters, often perceiving technology purchases as a sunk cost. This sentiment was sourced from April Rudin, the founder and president of UNHW integrated marketing consultancy the Rudin Group, at the October 2014 Family Wealth

No Gimmicks Needed: Prioritizing Functionality over Flash in Your Software Vendor

While financial technology for alternative investments is a niche industry, there are a substantial and diverse number of companies operating within this space. One of my responsibilities at Netage is regularly reviewing the latest developments from our competitors, to further ensure that we are aware of the industry trends that are most relevant to our

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